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Thorn Exotic Hand Cannon Boost

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The service is currently in the Archive but is still available. Contact our support to purchase!

Buy Thorn Exotic Kinetic Hand Cannon Boost Service by CakeBoost to get Thorn Exotic Kinetic Hand Cannon Weapon fast and guaranteed. The most recognizable perk of this weapon is that when you hit a target, an effect is applied to your opponent, causing him periodic damage for a short period of time, which allows you to additionally weaken even well-protected targets.

You’ll get:

  • All weapons and gear that might drop during the boost;
  • Thorn Exotic Kinetic Hand Cannon

ETA: 2 -5 days

Thorn Exotic Kinetic Hand Cannon is a weapon of the Weapons of Sorrow. Its dark, laconic appearance and characteristics are consistent with the specific features of this weapon group, which are centralized around the tactics of dealing more damage and rate of fire, as well as providing increased stability, making this weapon ideal for combat situations that require a quick response.

In order to get the Thorn Exotic Kinetic Hand Cannon, you need to be mentally prepared to spend a certain amount of time and carefully and consistently follow a series of steps. First, you need to find an item, after which the player begins the process of "bringing the weapon to the proper state." To do this, you need to complete a fairly long "Thorn Quest", during which you are engaged in restoring weapons with the help of Hadronic Essence and Plasteel Plating, after restoring all the parts, the player must also spend some time merging them together using Sapphire Wire, and then commit several kills Guardians in Crucible.