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A new raid will appear in Destiny 2 shortly after the launch of the Witch Queen expansion. While few details were revealed in advance, the raid is bound to feature some of the shooter’s toughest challenges. Those who overcome them will be rewarded with cutting-edge equipment and prestigious cosmetics, with special prizes reserved for those who finish it in the first week. Fortunately, those who are not up to finishing this activity in such a narrow timeframe can get a boost to avoid missing out. Buy Vow of the Disciple Boost carry service to let boosting experts help you secure the spoils. Both the unique early prizes and the latest and deadliest gear can be yours with CakeBoost’s help!


  • Vow of the Disciple Raid Completion
  • Unique loot for your guardian
  • Pinnacle rewards
  • Chance to get exotic weapon
  • Any other loot received during the boost


  • 1-3 days

Vow of the Disciple Boost Week One Carry Service: How does It Work?

Anyone wishing to preorder a Witch Queen Raid carry from CakeBoost should proceed according to those steps:

  • Make sure that you meet the requirements for the Witch Queen raid preorder service. Some of CakeBoost’s other services can help catch up if necessary;
  • Select the desired options for the Witch Queen raid preorder and then press “buy”;
  • Go to the buyer’s cart to verify the Witch Queen raid preorder;
  • Pick one of several chat programs to be used for progress reports and other communications in connection to this Witch Queen raid preorder service;
  • Use Stripe, Unitpay, Paymentwall, Coinbase, or Fondy to send a payment for the preorder;
  • Once CakeBoost’s support team gets in touch, work out any remaining preorder details, such as a preferred boosting schedule;
  • Wait until after the Witch Queen raid launch;
  • Allow the booster to enter the game from your account at the agreed-upon time. Follow the boosting process through progress updates and/or an optional free stream;
  • Alternatively, in a sherpa boost, log in and join CakeBoost’s boosters to run the instance according to the schedule;
  • Once the Witch Queen raid preorder boost is done, please write a review on TrustPilot. Client feedback is critical for the continued improvement of our services.

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Why Should You Buy Vow of the Disciple Boost Week One From Us?

A raid is the ultimate PvE content in this sci-fi shooter. Each such instance consists of several major encounters, featuring complex mechanics and tough opponents. It also contains unique and formidable loot. The newest raid is always the hardest and the most lucrative. Farming one while it is fresh can give a serious advantage in the arms race. Moreover, completing a raid in its first day or week typically results in exclusive prizes of some sort. The Witch Queen raid will surely present similar opportunities. Yet, not everyone has the skill or the time to play through it themselves. Even those who do may be hampered by the lack of a dedicated and cooperative team.

Boosting is a convenient way of sidestepping the obstacles to collect the full benefits, allowing all players to enjoy the game without fear of missing out. The Witch Queen raid preorder offers a chance to arrange such a boost in advance. That way, even the time-limited prizes need not stay out of reach of those who are too preoccupied to run the raid in that limited window. Professional boosters can completely clear the instance in minimal time, collecting all the plunder. Buyers can use a boost to automate the sometimes tedious process of farming an instance. It is also possible to request a sherpa service, in which the customer still plays directly but with assistance from boosters.

The opportunity to preorder a Witch Queen raid boost is offered by multiple gaming companies. Despite this competition, we are convinced that CakeBoost has the finest preorder offering available. Our carries have helped thousands of players since 2015. Over the years, we have greatly improved the company’s boosting process in every possible way. We have also built up a strong and varied team of boosters. Reviews on TrustPilot show widespread satisfaction with the quality of our services. Those who preorder this carry service from us now, or buy it here later, would benefit from the following advantages:

  • Guaranteed safety. All due precautions will be taken to avoid an account ban or data theft. CakeBoost’s clients do not have to provide more than the minimal necessary information for the boost to take place. This information is kept safe and only shared with those directly involved in the service. We use up-to-date HTTPS encryption and VPN redirection to safeguard client confidentiality. The Witch Queen raid preorder boost shall be carried out manually, without resorting to potentially dangerous third-party programs or services. Boosting and similar topics will not be mentioned in the game chat;
  • Professional support. Our customer support team is active and reachable at all times. Clients may contact it over the site chat, by e-mail, or through a chat program of their choice after placing an order. The staff can consult them regarding the Witch Queen raid preorder or about any other service. Once the carry has started, clients will receive regular progress updates. All questions will be answered as promptly as possible. If it seems necessary, inquiries will be immediately forwarded to superiors or those working directly on the boost;
  • Competitive prices. The cost of the Witch Queen raid preorder in CakeBoost’s catalog reflects the difficulty of the boost and its high demand. With those considerations in mind, the price is as low as it can be without sacrificing our high quality standards. It compares favorably with competing services. The modular nature of CakeBoost’s offerings means that buyers do not have to pay more because of work they do not want done. Customers can also benefit from regular buyer bonuses and special offers;
  • Superb execution. Our goal is to provide gamers with fast and reliable boosts that thoroughly fulfill all promises made. To that end, we employ boosters who pass a rigorous vetting process that tests both their skill and their trustworthiness. We also pay attention to their specializations. Having a deep and varied pool enables us to assign the most qualified boosters to each order. Thus, the Witch Queen raid preorder will be done by PvE experts who know the usual tricks in and out. They will be able to complete it as quickly as possible using optimal tactics and teamwork. The latter quality is especially important for sherpa boosts, but our players can provide it.

What You Will Get?

The Witch Queen raid preorder will be executed with the greatest possible urgency. The experience of previous raids suggests it may be delayed by server issues and other technical problems. Naturally, we will try to complete the services of those who preorder earlier first. To preorder now allows one to secure a good spot in the queue. The Witch Queen raid preorder can be fulfilled by a pilot booster taking over an account and finishing the instance with maximum efficiency. However, a sherpa service in which boosters form a fireteam with the customer to take on the raid together is also a viable option. It saves buyers from having to deal with unreliable random squadmates while letting them learn from the best.

Although the exact rewards are not yet known, previous instances give us some idea of what one can expect from the Witch Queen raid preorder. Raiders can collect unique, activity-specific weapons and armor at the highest available Power Levels. Those items would also have a distinctive appearance that could be transferred to other gear, and which would serve as a sign of accomplishment in clearing this difficult content. Participants will also acquire further loot, including other equipment, crafting materials, and currencies such as the Spoils of Conquest. Extra prizes may be obtained by looting hidden containers or completing challenge that can also be included in the Witch Queen raid preorder.

Depending on the preorder options chosen and our current queue, we can attempt to complete your run on the first day or the first week of the Witch Queen raid. You will be informed if this is not currently possible. On top of providing a head start in the acquisition of the shooter’s deadliest gear, clearing the instance within those intervals is especially prestigious. It can unlock exclusive cosmetic rewards such as emblems. It may also prove necessary to unlock certain Triumphs and Seals. Other such honors can be acquired by completing the raid and certain challenges within it at any time while it is available.