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Witherhoard is one of the most terrifying weapons in the game. Its ability to spread a deadly blight makes it indispensable for territory control, while its high stats allow it to take on any kind of enemy. Still, when facing hordes of enemies coming from all directions, even Witherhoard’s wielder might get overwhelmed. The Witherhoard Catalyst prevents this outcome by making it even more versatile and efficient. With CakeBoost’s help, the most powerful version of this infamous exotic grenade launcher can be yours quickly and with no hassle!

You will get:

  • The Witherhoard Catalyst acquisition and completion;
  •  Any other items or resources that drop during the boost.

ETA: 1-3 days

Witherhoard’s dark and menacing exterior perfectly matches its horrific abilities. Its Primeval’s Torment intrinsic perk lets it blight areas or targets on impact, causing damage over time and spreading the blight further after kills. Other perks improve its handling, stability, and recoil control while also expanding its blast radius. In the right hands, this kinetic grenade launcher can devastate armies, slaughter bosses, and deny lanes to all opponents. Its Masterwork version receives the Silent Alarm perk, which increases handling to help its wielder turn between different enemy groups and frees them from worries about running out of ammo through automatic reloading in the holster.

To upgrade the Witherhoard, you will first need to acquire its Catalyst through The Bank Job quest. You will have to farm Vault Keys and large amounts of Filthy Lucre, as well as score many kills and multi-kills using a grenade launcher. Once the quest is finished, the Catalyst will still require you to kill hundreds of enemies in PvE or PvP before it is complete.

CakeBoost can get this long, tedious grind out of the way, leaving you free to enjoy the Masterwork Witherhoard. Our pro-boosters will take care of the Bank Job quest and rack up enough kills to unlock the upgrade as quickly as humanly possible. The terrifying power of the blight will soon be yours for the taking!