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Xenoclast IV Legendary Shotgun Boost

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Xenoclast IV legendary shotgun gained an impeccable reputation and became an absolute fan favorite really fast. To snatch this highly desired shotgun, look no further than the latest D2 Boosting services by CakeBoost. We will help you to get this shotgun fast and easy.

You will get:

  • Required number of Xenoclast IV Legendary Shotgun drops to obtain the God Rolls of your pick;
  • All the items and resources that are dropped in progress.

ETA: flexible

Xenoclast IV is the Legendary Energy Shotgun with some steady characteristics, great handling, range and impact rates, and fast reload speed with an impressive 80 rounds per minute. Lightweight Frame makes handling this gun a true pleasure for its intuitive easiness, while the Unrelenting feature helps you regenerate health when targets are killed fast enough. With multiple perks to increase its abilities, it’s a great choice for PvP and PvE alike, favored by weapon professionals. To get the Xenoclast IV, a player needs to complete strikes at Zavala at the Tower. The Xenoclast is dropped randomly at the mission’s end, so it might take some time to successfully obtain it.  

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