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Red Dust

Red Dust farming service represents the fastest, most efficient means of collecting this Diablo 4 currency. Slaying opponents and pursuing further objectives in PvP Fields of Hatred subzones yields Seeds of Hatred. Those tokens are transformed into Red Dust using an Altar of Extraction. The end product may be traded for a variety of unique vendor goods, such as cosmetics. The farming process is very difficult and demanding. Buying this boost will entrust this farm to professionals while ensuring that everything you want will be affordable.


  • Chosen Red Dust sum;
  • Any other benefits acquired during the service.


Order completion speed depends on the chosen Red Dust sum. On average, we can deliver 20,000 within an hour.


  • Active non-hardcore character.

What is Red Dust in Diablo IV?

Red Dust is a resource you can obtain in Fields of Hatred by purifying Seeds of Hatred at an Altar of Extraction. There are four such objects (also known as Altars of Hatred) in each FoH subzone. When using an Altar of Extraction, the character must remain in place for 50 seconds and survive attacks. NPC foes will head toward them, as might human rivals. The latter shall be informed about the character’s whereabouts once purification begins. Unlike their purified version, the basic SoH are lost and may be looted if their carrier dies in PvP combat. Unless you recover them first, your harvest could be claimed by a rival. All currently held SoH are also lost upon exiting the subzone.

FoH subzones offer a variety of ways to acquire the basic SoH resource:

  • Defeat human-controlled characters;
  • Defeat elites or bosses;
  • Loot containers;
  • Participate in local Events;
  • Play through Whispers of the Dead repeatable quests (in those subzones only).

Where to Spend Red Dust (Diablo 4 Currency)?

Each FoH subzone has a town with several vendors who accept Red Dust. Trading with those NPCs lets you purchase four kinds of unique goods:

  • Cursed Scrolls (FoH subzone-only Magic Scrolls granting powerful bonuses balanced by penalties);
  • Unusual Steed Armor (Mount cosmetics);
  • Odds and Ends (personal armor transmog cosmetics);
  • Unsavory Oddities (Caps, Tunics, Gloves, Pants, or Boots; the buyer picks the slot; the specific piece for it is rolled randomly after purchase).

Farming Red Dust is a difficult and frustrating process. The risks of spilling the gathered SoH are real. Also, large amounts (from thousands up) are required for every purchase. Obtaining desired goods is likely to require a lengthy grind. Our Red Dust boost service presents a simpler alternative. Our booster can log in to play from your account at pre-scheduled intervals. By playing full-time and using optimal methods, they will reach the desired sum as fast as anyone can. Then you could spend the Red Dust however you see fit. Avoid the stress and the grind while still buying everything you want!

CakeBoost’s D4 boosting services can help in many other ways as well. Available service offers include powerleveling, resource farming, and assembling builds. You may buy services for any platform, whether PC, Xbox, or PS.

Red Dust
Quantity: 1
Service Customization
30 000 Red Dust
40 000 Red Dust
50 000 Red Dust
60 000 Red Dust
70 000 Red Dust
100 000 Red Dust


Where should I farm Red Dust in Diablo 4?

You farm basic Seeds of Hatred and transform SoH into Red Dust in Fields of Hatred. Those PvP subzones appear in Kehjistan and the Dry Steppes regions.

What Diablo 4 items could I purchase with Red Dust?

You may trade this currency for several types of goods:

  • Cursed Scrolls;
  • Mount and armor cosmetics;
  • Randomly rolled gear for several armor slots.
Is D4 Red Dust lost when my character dies?

No. Raw SoH are lost on death, but their purified versions are retained. The sole exception occurs if playing Hardcore mode since all items get destroyed on permadeath.

Is Red Dust in D4 tradable?

No, it is impossible to exchange Red Dust with player characters.

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