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Tree of Whispers

Tree of Whispers boost service lets players farm Whispers of the Dead with maximum efficiency and convenience. This Diablo 4 endgame mechanic involves playing through random bounty-style quests to collect Grim Favors. Those tokens may be exchanged for containers with rewards at the Tree of Whispers. The missions involve all kinds of activities at random locations. Rather than grind them yourself, buy this boost to let our professional crew handle those tasks.


  • Requested amount of Whispers of the Dead completed;
  • 1 to 5 Grim Favors per mission;
  • Chest with rewards obtained per 10 Grim Favors;
  • EXP and Gold from each mission;
  • All other rewards earned during the boost, including random gear and currencies.

Bringing 10 Grim Favors to the Tree of Whispers lets you pick one of three randomly drawn chests called Collections. We can choose rewards according to your previously stated preferences. Collections typically contain specific types of gear, such as gauntlets, gems, or one-handed weapons. Legendary collections, which only appear sometimes, include Legendary items. Some may include resources, crafting materials, or Nightmare Sigils necessary to unlock Nightmare Dungeons. We could also collect 10 Grim Favors and leave the choice to you. Keep in mind that they may expire if you wait over 24 hours.


Order completion speed depends on the target number of Tree of Whispers missions and what random quests spawn. On average, we will complete each objective within 15 minutes. 


  • Character that played through the campaign. We can provide this service if necessary.

What is the Tree of Whispers in Diablo 4?

The Tree of Whispers is a unique object found in the northeastern corner of Hawezar. Interacting with it after beating the campaign unlocks the Whispers of the Dead mechanic. Throughout the day, special missions called Whispers will appear at regular intervals throughout the game world. Specifically, there are six per zone and six more divided between the Fields of Hatred (PvP locations). If you manage to finish one before its timer runs out, you will receive some number of Grim Favors. When you have 10 Grim Favors stored, Whispers are temporarily switched off. You must turn in the tokens at the Tree of Whispers to claim one of three random Collections and unlock the missions again. Excess tokens earned in the last mission count towards the next turn-in.

Whispers have random objectives, but they always come in several types. They are divided into three categories based on their difficulty:

DifficultyWhisper TypesGrim Favors Earned
  • Clearing a Cellar;
  • Completing an ordinary Event;
  • Finding a specific corpse;
  • Killing enough enemies of a certain type;
  • Killing a specific Elite enemy.
  • Harvesting a resource by killing enough enemies in a specified location;
  • Completing a ritual by interacting with a number of altars in a zone;
  • Completing a Legion Event;
  • Extracting Seeds of Hatred in PvP.
  • Completing certain Dungeons;
  • Killing specific World Bosses in zones or the Seething Abomination in Fields of Hatred.

Benefits of the Whispers of the Dead Boosting Service

The Tree of Whispers offers powerful rewards. They play a crucial part in endgame character advancement, especially before you reach the highest levels and have regular access to Nightmare Dungeons. Even later, they can be a great addition to your farming routine. The trouble is that Whispers can become rather monotonous. Also, taking full advantage of this opportunity would require you to grind those tasks all day, running back and forth all over the game map. Our Tree of Whispers boost service presents an alternative with many advantages:

  • You can relax while our booster takes care of the Whispers;
  • You could focus on Diablo 4 endgame content you enjoy while avoiding this grind and any Whisper activities you find tedious;
  • Since our boosters play full-time, you will not miss out on potential rewards;
  • Boosters’ knowledge of optimal routes and tactics will ensure maximum efficiency and speed in handling these activities;
  • You could maximize the odds of receiving items you want by ordering more Whispers. If you specify your desired item types, our boosters will prioritize them at every turn-in.

CakeBoost’s catalog includes many further Diablo IV boosting service offers. We can help with powerleveling, assembling builds, and collecting resources. Our boosters work on every platform, whether PC, Xbox, or PS. Services may be provided on any realm.

Tree of Whispers
Quantity: 1
Service Customization
Number of Grim Favors


How does the Tree of Whispers boost service work?

Our booster will log in to your account at pre-scheduled intervals and farm Tree of Whispers quests until your boosting target is met. Feel free to ask our support team for further details or special boost requests.

Is it worth buying Whispers of the Dead boosting in Diablo 4?

That is your call to make. However, it is the fastest and most efficient way to benefit from this content. It would save you a lot of playtimes while delivering a variety of endgame rewards.

How often can you do Whispers in D4?

Six sets of six Whispers spawn every 90 minutes. The quests expire when their timer runs out. Apart from this practical limitation, there is no hard cap. You may keep doing missions whenever they are available.

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