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Diablo 2 at its best is an exciting, action-heavy game, but it is also full of grinding. Many important resources and rewards require a lot of time to acquire or to harvest in sufficient amounts. Not all players can muster the free hours or the enthusiasm to repeatedly clear similar content. Yet that grind may be necessary to level up the hero, to collect or craft the best equipment, or simply to get to the fun parts.

Buy Diablo 2 Hourly Farming service from CakeBoost, and our boosting team shall handle any important but tedious in-game tasks for you. Within the hour, they will farm bosses, dungeons, and all other required content as efficiently as possible, then leave you to enjoy the rewards.


  • Desired amount of farming hours;
  • Any activities farm;
  • All rewards received during the process


  • Flexible

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  • Choose a service, desired options and quantity;
  • Check out the requirements;
  • Contact our support on the website / discord / skype to clarify all details;
  • Place an order;
  • We hire a booster or team for you to fulfill your order;
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