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Dota 2 Low Priority Boost

Low Priority services can allow you to escape the standard punishment for bad behavior in Dota 2 and rejoin the normal ranked queue. You will no longer have to wait more than usual, only play with other offenders, or deal with the other restrictions of this penalty. CakeBoost’s services will help you secure the number of victories you need to make that happen. Our professional players will finish the task as quickly as possible, improving your stats in the process.

Dota 2 Low Priority Boost

Low Priority is a punishment system in Dota 2 for players who have many leaves and reports. In this case, you will have to deal with such players for quite a while until you get the right to participate in ranking matches again. To get rid of the Low Priority status you will have to get a specific number of wins that can prove to be a very challenging task, as you will only be able to rely on your own abilities. If you feel that you do not want to waste your time on this aspect of the game, you might want to consider the services CakeBoost has to offer.

Low Priority Wins Boost Carry Service is a fast and easy way of getting out of Low Priority status. Our Booster will make sure you get the desired number of wins, so you will again have an opportunity to play ranking matches and fully enjoy the game.

Our boosters will make sure you get what you want in the shortest possible period of time. You will get Low Priority matches completed along with any rewards that were acquired during the service completion.