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Dota 2 Battle Cup Boost
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Buy Dota 2 Battle Cup Boost

Battle Cup is a special weekly tournament with eight teams competing against each other by the elimination rules. Victory in the Battle Cap tournament brings rare rewards that cannot be unlocked by any other ways. Among such rewards, you can find Battle Cup Tournament Trophy, special profile description and 20 thousand shards. Cakeboost presents Dota 2 Battle Cup Boost Carry Service. This service is created especially for gamers who want to participate in a Battle Cap tournment and become victorious. Buy Dota 2 Battle Cup Carry and our boosters will complete the Battle Cup tournament and obtaining the desired rewards. You can choose any Tier while ordering a service. It is necessary for you to have a Battle Cup ticket on your account in order to execute this service.


  • A fully completed weekly Battle Cup tournament on any chosen Tier
  • Other related rewards


  • 1 week

Why Should You Choose Us?

The Battle Cup is a community tournament in Dota 2. It repeats every weekend and takes the form of an automated elimination tournament featuring eight teams. Outside of pro events, the Battle Cup is one of the most challenging and prestigious events in the game. Battle Cup winners receive exclusive cosmetics (which last for a week, except for a permanent effigy) and copious Dota Plus shards used to buy other prizes. However, getting those rewards requires exceptional teamwork, skill, and focus. Few teams can show such quality every weekend. Buy Battle Cup boosting services from CakeBoost, and you will assuredly receive all those prizes while not having to do anything.

While you can buy Battle Cup boosting services from multiple companies, we are confident that CakeBoost is the best Battle Cup boosting solution on the market. Since 2015, we have offered boostings services for a variety of multiplayer games. We have made it our mission to provide quick and reliable boosting services at low cost. To that end, we have refined our services over the years and assembled an extensive roster of elite gaming experts. If you buy Battle Cup boosting services from us, you will benefit from the following CakeBoost strengths:

100% Safety Guaranteed

We take the safety and confidentiality of our clients very seriously. When you buy any of our boosting services, you will only be asked to share the bare minimum of information necessary for the service. Your booster will be the only one with access to this information. They will be instructed to use the best safety measures available, including cutting-edge HTTPS encryption and a VPN set to your location. Boosting services and similar topics will never be mentioned in chat. The booster will not use any third-party programs, bots, hacks, or cheats that might compromise your account.

24/7 Support

Customer satisfaction is very important to us. To help ensure it, we provide in-depth professional customer service. You can contact members of our support team at any time over several communication channels. In addition to e-mail and site chat, you may choose Skype, Discord, Telegram, WhatsApp as your preferred communications method after you buy one of our boosting services. The support team members will consult you on the Battle Cup carry or any other boost you want to buy. They will answer all questions promptly or immediately pass them on to superiors or boosters if they cannot be addressed on their level.

High-Quality Premium Service

Our boosting services are guaranteed to be successful, quick, and reasonably cheap. The players we employ are crucial to our success. We take all due care to make sure they can live up to our high standards. Each booster undergoes a rigorous vetting process. In addition to their general trustworthiness and skill, we assess their specializations. By always assigning the most suitable booster for each of our boosting services, we can ensure smooth and effective boosting. That is especially important for such challenging content as the Battle Cup, as we are able to find the best boosters for each difficulty level. Our prices are fully competitive while enabling us to maintain high-level performance.

What Can I Get With a Battle Cup Boost?

Those who buy our Battle Cup boosting services will not have to do anything to win the tournament. One of our players will take over your account at the arranged time and play the Battle Cup together with other boosters. The goal will be a victorious completion of all matches in a Battle Cup tournament, with the price depending on your Battle Cup tier. Once boosting concludes, you will receive all the appropriate cosmetic and currency rewards. Note that you will need a minimum playtime and either a Dota Plus subscription or at least one Weekend Battle Cup ticket to qualify for boosting.

Other than Battle Cup boosts, you can buy several other Dota 2 Boost services from CakeBoost. Here are the most popular boosting options:

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  • Buy Duo MMR Boost services to rank up by playing alongside a booster in the duo queue;
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How Does CakeBoost Work?

If you wish to buy Battle Cup boost Dota 2 from CakeBoost, just follow those steps:

  • Make sure that you meet the requirements and choose the Battle Cup boosting service from the Dota 2 section of our shop catalog;
  • Select your Battle Cup tier and press “buy”;
  • Confirm the order in the shopping cart and pay using Stripe, Unitpay, Paymentwall, Coinbase, or Fondy;
  • Once the support team contacts you, work out details such as the boosting schedule;
  • Wait for the order to complete, following progress through a specified channel;
  • Remember to leave a review! Client feedback helps us improve our boosting services.

FAQ About Battle Cup Boosting Carry Services

Q: What do I need to qualify for the Battle Cup?
A: Either a Dota Plus subscription or five Weekend Battle Cup tickets per team. You will also need a minimum 100 hours playtime, which can be acquired in normal games with our Win-rate Boost.

Q: How do I reach a higher Battle Cup tier?
A: Your initial Battle Cup tier is determined by MMR, so you can use our MMR Boost services to raise it.

Q: Can I watch the boost in Battle Cup?
A: Yes, you can request a free stream for any boosting services, including the Battle Cup Boost.

Q: Do Battle Cup wins count towards getting out of Low Priority?
A: Yes, although you should buy our Low Priority boosting services if you want to get out of it quickly.