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Dota 2 Cavern Crawl Boost

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Dota 2 Cavern Crawl Boost
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Utility - Unlock Set + Style 2 + Foulfell Key
Support - Only Unlock Set
Support - Unlock Set + Style 2
Support - Unlock Set + Style 2 + Foulfell Key
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Buy Dota 2 Cavern Crawl Boost

Cavern Crawl involves a multi-step system of tasks within the Nightsilver path that allows you to access new rooms by playing a required hero, specific for the room. In each room, you get obstacles to overcome and rewards to help you continue your journey. Eventually, the Nightsilver path leads you to unlock three sets to improve carry, utility, or support for your character. Defeating heroes on all the maps might be tricky and time-consuming. You might want to book some professional help to receive all the desired sets and Foulfell Keys in a timely manner. Buy Dota 2 Cavern Crawl Boost by CakeBoost. Our professional boosters perform all of the tasks manually with high attention to detail in order to deliver you the highest quality services as fast as possible. 


  • Cavern Crawl sets of your choice unlocked;
  • All the rewards obtained during the boost.


  • flexible

Why Should You Choose Us?

Cavern Crawl is a recurring time-limited event in Dota 2. It is part of the annual Battle Pass system connected to The International tournament. While the details change every year, the essence of Cavern Crawl has remained the same since its 2018 introduction. It is a game within a game, requiring participants to win matches with specific characters to progress along Cavern Crawl paths. Doing so unlocks various rewards, including exclusive cosmetics. Between time limits and the need to play different heroes, Cavern Crawl may be out of many players’ reach. Buy Cavern Crawl Boosting services from CakeBoost, and you will not miss out on this event’s rewards..

There are several gaming companies that offer Cavern Crawl boosting services out there. Nevertheless, we are certain that CakeBoost’s Cavern Crawl boosting services are the best solution you could buy. We started offering boosting services for various games in 2015. Over the years, we have greatly improved our service quality and recruited an extensive roster of boosting talent, letting us offer the best boosting services for Dota 2. Our Cavern Crawl boosting services combine efficiency, speed, and reliability with reasonable prices. You will also benefit from the following advantages if you buy them from us:

100% Safety Guaranteed

You will have no cause to worry about your account with our boosting services. After you buy the Cavern Crawl boost, you will be asked for the bare minimum of information necessary for boosting to take place. This information will only be shared with the person working on your boost. They will use no third-party services, bots, hacks, or cheats during the boosting process. Your privacy and your account will be further protected with the best HTTPS encryption available and a VPN set to your location. Boosting services and similar topics will never be mentioned in chat.

24/7 Support

To help ensure maximum client satisfaction, our boosting services are augmented by professional customer support. Members of our support team can consult you on the Cavern Crawl boost or any other boosting services you might wish to buy at any time. You will be able to contact them over multiple communication channels, including e-mail, site chat, Skype, Discord, Telegram, WhatsApp. All your questions will be answered as swiftly as possible. Issues that cannot be resolved at the customer support level will be immediately passed on to boosters or superiors.

High-Quality Premium Service

We seek to provide quick and dependable Cavern Crawl boosting services at low cost. That is possible thanks to our deep talent pool. All our employees are pro players who have passed through a rigorous vetting process. In addition to general Dota skills, the boosters we use for Cavern Crawl boosting services all specialize in playing certain characters. That means the people we assign will be able to complete all Cavern Crawl quests with maximum efficiency, no matter which character is needed. We keep our boosting services as cheap as possible while maintaining our level of performance.

What Can I Get With Cavern Crawl Boost?

Our boosting services are modular and can be tailored to individual needs. Your boost in Cavern Crawl can include the completion of any or all of the quests for the latest version of the event. During the boosting process, our booster will take over your account and fulfil the quest conditions using optimal methods. You will be free to collect the promised Cavern Crawl rewards in their entirety. As of 2021, that includes Battle Points for Battle Pass progress, Dota Plus Shards used to buy cosmetics, and exclusive cosmetic sets for certain characters.

In addition to Cavern Crawl boosting services, you can buy several other Dota 2 Boost services from CakeBoost. Here are the most popular options to consider:

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How Does CakeBoost Work?

If you have decided to buy Cavern Crawl Boost Dota 2 from CakeBoost, follow those steps:

  • Find the Cavern Crawl boost in the Dota 2 section of our boosting services shop catalog;
  • Choose the quest or quests you want to buy boosting for, then press the “buy” button;
  • Confirm your order in the shopping cart, select your preferred means of communication, and pay using Stripe, Unitpay, Paymentwall, Coinbase, or Fondy;
  • After our support team contacts you, work out details like the boosting schedule;
  • Wait for the boost to finish;

Remember to leave a review! Your feedback will help us refine our boosting services.

FAQ About Cavern Crawl Boosting Carry Services

Q: Will I be able to watch my Cavern Crawl boosting services in progress?
A: Yes, as with our standard MMR Boost and all other boosting services, you will be able to request a free stream.

Q: Will Cavern Crawl boosting services affect my account stats?
A: Winning is necessary to progress in the Cavern Crawl, so your stats should be improved in that regard. However, if your priority is increasing the number of wins, you should simply buy our Win-rate boost services.

Q: Do I have to turn over my account to a booster for Cavern Crawl boosting services?
A: Yes, as piloted boosting is the most efficient and reliable way of progressing through Cavern Crawl. You can buy Duo MMR boost services if you prefer selfplay, but those services are focused on ranked progression.

Q: Can I get a discount for Cavern Crawl boosting services?
A: Like all our most boosting services, including the Battle Cup boost, Cavern Crawl boosts are subject to frequent special offers, as well as repeat customer bonuses.