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Dota 2 Coaching Service

Dota 2 Coaching Service

1 hour
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Buy Dota 2 Coaching Boost Carry Service

Dota 2 is a highly competitive game with the main focus on the player's skills and ability to think quickly in stressful situations. For some gamers, especially for newcomers, Dota 2 can be a harsh and difficult experience. More than that, the community in Dota 2 is notoriously toxic and do not like low-skilled players. However, you can avoid dealing with various difficulties. Cakeboost presents Dota 2 Coaching Boost Carry Service – your best way to dramatically improve your skill with help from a professional player.

You will get:

  • The desired number of training hours;
  • Ability to play with a coach;
  • Consultations on any questions about the game

ETA: flexible

If you have just started playing Dota 2 and do not want to spend countless amounts of hours reading boring guides and watching monotonous tutorials on Youtube, our coaching service is a perfect way to become a professional Dota 2 gamer in no time!  This service is also suitable for players who think that they have reached their limits and cannot reach a new level of skill in the game.

Our professional coach will help you to determine the necessary amount of training hours and will help you to set up the desired schedule. A coach will teach you important tactics and strategies, tell you about different interesting tips and tricks, play matches and train you on how to act in the most difficult situations. Your progress will be monitored and mistakes will be both analyzed and fixed.