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Escape from Tarkov Raids Boost

Raid boosts allow you to profit from the raids in Escape from Tarkov without needing to complete them yourself. You can order services for any currently available raid from CakeBoost and specify whether you want us to focus on completing quests, winning in PvP, or gathering loot. Our professional players will carry out the service quickly, efficiently, and in line with the priority you have set, though they will improve your stats and earn some loot in any case.

Escape from Tarkov Raids Boost

Buy Escape from Tarkov Raids Boost 

Raids are the main activity players participate in, each has a unique map with a boss and a lot of loot. A lot of time needs to be spent in preparations on the choosing of the suitable gear, the search for all possible details regarding the map: terrain, location of loot and boss, the needed keys and keycards. Quite often you will find it very useful to get in a squad with some other players to increase your chances of survival.

Another challenge comes when you get to the raid: you need to keep to the time limit, gather as much loot as you can, fulfill the quests and face the opposing players. After all of that, you also need to get to the extraction point in one piece to get all the loot back to safety. Random events are also worth mentioning: no matter how much time you spend preparing for all the possibilities, there is always a chance that some enemy will kill you in some nearly impossible way. CakeBoost offers a wide range of services connected with this aspect of the game, here you can check a short description of the services. For more detailed information check out the individual service page.

We offer you individual service for each of the available raids: Shoreline, Interchange, Factory, Reserve, Woods and Labs. In this case, besides the clear of the chosen raid along with all loot you can also choose which aspect of the raid out Boosters need to focus on: Quests, Loot, or PvP. They will make sure you will get all the possible benefits from the chosen sphere and get out of the raid safely without losing any of your hard-earned loot.

In case you want to get clear of all of these raids with all perks, you should consider purchasing a more profitable option - All 6 Raids Completion Service. Or else, if you want to get the fully customized raid there is also the corresponding service.

During the raid, the majority of players focus on gathering as much loot as it is possible to carry while trying to get out alive. If you want to receive loot easily, you might want to consider the Escape from Tarkov Loot Raid Boost Carry Service. This way you will not have to worry over the preparation or during the raid itself while the professional will take care of everything for you.

Our boosters will make sure you get what you want in the shortest possible period of time. You will get what you want from the raids along with any loot and rewards that were acquired during the service completion.