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Armory for Hideout Boost

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Bitcoin Farm 1
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Intelligence Center 1
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Buy Armory for Hideout Boost

A Hideout is not just a home and sanctuary. It’s also your base of operations in the middle of a dangerous warzone. To survive and win in the face of its constantly evolving conditions, you will need every advantage you can get. The Armory Modules of your Hideout will help you get a leg-up on the opposition by providing a wide range of bonuses, from faster regeneration and faster cooldowns to making money and any number of useful items. CakeBoost can help you get the most use out of your Hideout by building and upgrading your Armory Modules in a prompt, efficient manner.

You will get:

  • The Armory Module(s) you order;
  • Prerequisite Modules constructed as part of the boost;
  • Any gear and experience earned during the boost.

ETA: flexible

The Armory Modules are the meat of your Hideout’s functions. Most of them have relatively simple but very impactful use. The Shooting Range allows you to try out your guns in safe conditions. Leveling up your Stash Modules will let you store more items at the Hideout. With the Bitcoin Farm, you can mint physical bitcoins to exchange for Roubles at a varying rate. The Workbench and the Meditation can be used to craft a wide range of useful items, including ammo and drugs respectively; the latter will also speed up your healing. With enough upgrades, the Intelligence Center will produce a variety of intelligence and high-tech items, increase monetary rewards, and reduce certain cooldowns and commissions.

Getting the Armory Modules set up and upgraded will not be a simple process, though. Most of them have extensive prerequisites in the form of other Modules, skills, and Dealer loyalty levels. They also require many complex components, some of which can be very hard to find or expensive to purchase. Installation time for the more advanced Modules is pretty long to start with, but ensuring you have everything you need may take you weeks.

Why not save yourself some trouble and place an order with CakeBoost? Our pro-boosters will do everything necessary to construct the Modules you choose quickly. Very soon, you will be able to take on Tarkov with the support of a fully functional Hideout.