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​​​​​​​Escape from Tarkov is notorious for its’ hardcore gameplay, steep learning curve, countless amount of different but very important in-game elements for a player to understand and difficult to master shooting mechanics. For many gamers, these characteristics were very attractive. Cakeboost brings you Escape from Tarkov Coaching Boost Carry Service – your guaranteed way to become a professional player quickly and efficiently.

You will get:

  • The desired amount of training hours;
  • Consultation with a coach on any questions about the game;
  • Dramatically improved skills and a lot of important experience

ETA: flexible

Escape from Tarkov itself is a unique game with no similar competitors on the market.  However, the enormous complexity of the game together with its popularity led to a situation where newcomers do not even know how to start. More experienced players face up to the necessity of improving their skill in order to catch up with others, more professional players.  You can spend hours reading boring guides that are often full of mistakes and watch pseudo-professional streamers trying to find new means of playing. Or you can choose our coaching services and successfully improve your gaming abilities.

Our team of coaches consists only of high-skilled, professional players with countless amounts of hours of Tarkov’s experience.  With help from our coach, you will go through stressful raids, find and choose the perfect gear for your style of playing, learn many important tactics and strategies and understand hidden gameplay mechanics. Your progress will be monitored and analyzed by the coach in order to improve your training program. You can set up the desired schedule by yourself after contacting a coach.