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Entrance for Hideout Boost

Security 1
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Air Filtering Unit
Scav Case
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Buy Entrance for Hideout Boost 

Entrance Modules may seem relatively simple, but without them, you won’t have much of a Hideout to work with. Before adding more advanced Modules, it’s vital to ensure you have the basics ready. In addition to serving as the backbone of your new base of operations, Entrance Modules can provide important services, like helping train your character’s physical abilities or delivering useful items. With CakeBoost’s help, you will be free to develop your Hideout’s infrastructure any way you want, quickly and effortlessly.

You will get:

  • The Entrance Module(s) you order;
  • Prerequisite Modules constructed as part of the boost;
  • Any gear and experience earned during the boost.

ETA: flexible

Entrance Modules include three levels of Security, an Air Filtering Unit, and a Scav Case. Constructing and upgrading Security Modules is required if you are to build more advanced Modules, such as the Intelligence Center or the Water Collector. The Air Filtering Unit provides a major experience boost for the purposes of leveling up all of your character’s Physical skills. Finally, the Scav Case will allow you to hire scavengers with money, moonshine, or intelligence. In return, they can bring you random objects from Tarkov’s wilderness, from common gear to Super Rare items.

The usefulness of all those Modules for any Tarkov survivor is clear, but building them will cost you time and resources. Since many of them have other Hideout Modules as their prerequisites, their construction times can be longer than you might expect. As for the resource requirements, the first level of Security will only cost you Roubles, but further upgrades and other Entrance Modules will also require other, harder to find items. You may also require certain skills and a rapport with some of Tarkov’s dealers.

As you can see, even building up the most basic parts of your Hideout can be a very involved process. If you don’t feel like grinding for the necessary resources yourself, you can always place an order with CakeBoost. Our pro-boosters will take care of the construction in the fastest, most efficient way possible, freeing you to enjoy your Hideout.