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Escape from Tarkov raids provides you with a uniquely challenging experience with the main appeal of some high-quality loot, rewards for quests and a chance to encounter other players. Each raid has a map with specific complications, a boss and some loot that can only be obtained in this specific location. One of these raids is Interchange, an area that connects harbor and industrial outskirts that can provide you with whatever aspect you are most interested in. If you want to make sure you get the raid clear with no effort or time wasted, you might want to consider purchasing Escape from Tarkov Interchange Raid Boost Carry Service by CakeBoost.

You will get:

  • Interchange Raid clear
  • All loot received during the process
  • EXP

ETA: 1 day

Interchange represents a small urban settlement. This map mainly consists of a mall with 3 main stores with the addition of an underground garage and a limited outside area. In this case, players need to be aware of the complications some many closed spaces can bring to any combat situation and while this map is beneficial in terms of loot, it is rather a difficult raid.

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