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EFT Leveling Boost

EFT Leveling Boost

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Buy Escape from Tarkov Leveling Boost Carry Service

Leveling is an important part of character progression in Escape from Tarkov. Every level increases your character’s stats and skills, unlocking access to new guns, gear and traders with unique items to sell and quests to offer. With leveling your character becomes stronger and your skills improve. However, just like in other MMO games, leveling is a monotonous and time-consuming process in Escape from Tarkov. Cakeboost brings you Escape from Tarkov Leveling Boost Carry Service – a special offer for players who do not want to lose their time farming XP trying to catch up with other high-leveled players.

You will get:

  • Wished level achieved;
  • Some quests can be completed and achievements unlocked during boosting;
  • You keep all guns, gear and items that can be obtained during boosting;
  • Your character stats will be improved

ETA: flexible

Almost every action brings experience points to the player: killing both other players and mobs, finding items and completing quests. Leveling is essential for every player, without it you won’t be able to compete on equal terms with others, you won’t be able to buy and use end-game gear. No high-rewarding quests will be available for you without achieving the highest level.

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