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EFT Violet Labs Keycard Boost

EFT Violet Labs Keycard Boost

Rewards and description

Buy Escape from Tarkov Violet Labs Keycard Boost Carry Service

Labs are a part of the most difficult raids that can provide you with the most useful loot in EfT. But to enjoy the benefits the raid provides you with you need special Keycards because the most valuable loot is locked by a keycard of a certain color. The Violet Keycard is needed to unlock the door to the laboratory security post along with all the loot there is. If you want to make sure you get the needed keycard with no effort or time wasted, you should consider purchasing the corresponding Service by CakeBoost.

You will get:

  • Violet Labs Keycard
  • Loot received during the process

ETA: flexible

There are several locations that you can get this card from but they all are placed in the Woods. This raid is not an easy one either, so if you want to get there, obtain the keycard and safely leave, you will have to show some skills and at some point your luck as well, after all, you will lose the desired card along with the loot if you die. Our Boosters will make sure you will not lose any of your hard-earned loot and get the needed Violet Keycard for your future runs in the Labs.

Buy Escape from Tarkov Violet Labs Keycard Boost Carry Service by CakeBoost. Due to the extensive experience and expertise of our Boosters in EfT, you have an opportunity to receive what you want quickly, at a low price and without any effort. Our employees will fulfill all and any of the necessary conditions to get you the needed Keycard, so you will not have to worry about this routine part of the game and will just enjoy the result.