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FFXIV 6.2 Buried Memory boosts are now available! Prepare your character for great deeds and victories. Unlock all your desired rewards quickly and easily with our PROs!

Final Fantasy 14 Boosting and Coaching Services

FFXIV boosts allow players to experience Square Enix’s groundbreaking MMORPG at their own pace and with minimal fuss. CakeBoost’s team can level up heroes in any class or job using the most efficient routes and methods. They can also collect the central Gil currency, unlock any among a dazzling variety of Mounts, and resolve the MMORPG’s lengthy questlines. Customers with more individual needs can use the Hourly Driving option to craft a custom boost that combines any feasible objectives in the game, from farming resources to clearing endgame instances. Either way, buyers will be free to spend their playtime on the parts of this rich title that they actually find fun.

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Of course!! We could provide you with screenshots or stream of your order process.

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Our operators will help you to find the player for your special needs including the schedule of order fulfillment.

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Our duration is defined by the average time of customer order completion. Attention! Our average time of completion does not include circumstances that our company cannot influence (lack of communication with the client, providing incorrect data for order fulfillment, etc.).

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Our clients can use the Bonus System to get up to 10% Cake Coins cashback for each order. We also can offer a personal discount by contacting us at Discord or Skype.

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Our company has a Refund Policy that you can check here.

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We have a huge team of experienced and reliable boosters for each game we provide services for. Booster is chosen for you after payment by our operator team depending on the requirements of your order.

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Money-Back Guarantee

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High Trust Score

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Why Should You Choose Us? 

Before understanding the reason for the popularity of Final Fantasy 14 Boosting services, it is necessary to talk about the game itself. 

Final Fantasy XIV has a difficult fate. The initial release was a failure for the game. Critics and casual players alike trashed the game with negative reviews. Every aspect was criticized: from gameplay and plot to graphics and bugs. However, Square Enix did not give up and in 2013 a re-release of the game was released. In fact, FFXIV has been redesigned from scratch by a new team led by a new director. The situation changed immediately: the game quickly gained popularity and became one of the main competitors of such giants as TES Online, Guild Wars 2 and even World of Warcraft.

Final Fantasy 14 is a fresh look at the MMORPG genre. The combat system has unique features that make it unlike any other. The graphics are amazing, offering beautiful landscapes, and the anime-style of the characters is to the liking of fans of Japanese animation. There are 5 main classes available in the game, which are divided into 18 specializations. FFXIV is notable for its non-linear pumping and the absence of a strict meta, which makes the gameplay fresher and more varied.

However, FFXIV is not perfect. One of the main problems players call an interesting, but extremely drawn-out main plot, which cannot be missed and which does not allow you to start end-game content for tens of hours. Leveling your character is no less boring and time consuming. In addition, some questlines and challenges can take a lot of effort. To deal with the listed difficulties - buy boosting services in FFXIV. Our team of professional boosters can easily handle Final Fantasy 14 Boosting in no time. 

100% Safety Guaranteed 

Boosting can be problematic, as some shops cannot be trusted. However, at CakeBoost your security is our top priority. We always protect your account via a special VPN service. Our boosters are strictly forbidden from using bots, cheats and other illegal software. Every single Final Fantasy 14 boost is performed by real people in real time. 

24/7  Support

With our 24/7 support team you will be able to get all the information about the necessary Final Fantasy 14 boosting service within minutes after contacting the team. Our online support can also help you to choose a suitable boost or even create a new one from scratch, if your specific task is not presented in the catalogue.

High-Quality Premium Service

We have created an international community of professional boosters who know everything about the game they are playing. Every single service you choose is guarantee of a 100% result. Both FFXIV coaching and Final Fantasy 14 boosting services are performed by high-skilled FFXIV players with years of gaming experience. With us any Final Fantasy 14 boost will be done for one of the lowest prices on the market. 

What Can I Get With Final Fantasy 14 Boost?

We are ready to perform any type of boosting. Any type of task can be completed as quickly as possible by a high-skilled boosting team. One of the main boosting services we offer is Leveling boost. With it you will be able to quickly reach a level cap, prepare your character for endgame content, unlock previously inaccessible activities and be able to earn the best gear in the game. Our boosters will also help you to create an effective character build depending on your needs and playing style. 

How Does Cakeboost Work? 

Method of boost execution depends on the chosen options and specific characteristics of the service. Some services can be performed in a “selfplay” mode. It means that you will participate in a boost directly and gather an experience of playing with professional FF14 players. The boosting is scheduled after you make a payment. Our online support team will keep a constant contact with you during the boost. You can get all the additional information 24/7. 

FAQ about FFXIV Boosting Carry Services

Q: Can you level up my character? 
A: Sure! It is one of the most popular Final Fantasy 14 boosting services on our site. You can find it here. 

Q: Is the storyline available for boosting?
A: Yes. In order to quickly complete a storyline and join endgame activities you can order FF14 storyline boosting by Cakeboost. 

Q: Do you perform gearing?  
A: Our professional boosters are ready to obtain the best possible gear in the game as quickly as possible. 

Q: How long does it take to complete a boost? 
A: It depends on the chosen service. For more information choose the desired service on the website or contact our support team.