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Final Fantasy XIV Boost: Endwalker

Boosting in Final Fantasy XIV can help you achieve your in-game goals with professional support. The MMORPG features dozens of activities with unique rewards. If any of them are giving you trouble, CakeBoost’s Final Fantasy XIV boosts present a cheap, fast, and easy solution.

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How does FF14 Boost work?

You will select the service you want from our Final Fantasy XIV Online boost catalog. After you choose the options and pay for the purchase, our staff will contact you to discuss the schedule and any special requests. Our booster will then log in to your account at previously arranged intervals and control the character you want to benefit from the FFXIV carry. They will use optimal methods to complete the required task quickly and then return full control over the account to the buyer.

How much does a FFXIV boost cost?

The FF14 boost price depends on the specific FF14 boosts and options you choose. You can purchase the cheapest FFXIV boosting service for around six US dollars, while others may cost hundreds.

Can you buy EXP boost in Final Fantasy 14?

Yes. CakeBoost sells several FFXIV level boost services that involve grinding EXP to level up character jobs.

Who will be your FF14 booster?

We will assign a suitable expert from our roster. Every player we work with undergoes extensive background checks to confirm their honesty and skill level. Most boosters focus on specific jobs or activities. They are assigned to carries that match their specializations.

Can you play during the boosting process?

You can definitely still play the game after ordering a Final Fantasy XIV boost. However, you should not log in while the booster is playing, since doing so interrupts the process. Our staff will work out a convenient schedule with you during order placement. It should let you know when it is safe to play.

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About Final Fantasy 14 Boosting Services

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker is one of the world’s most popular MMORPGs. Players are drawn to the game by its distinctive classes, diverse activities, and user-friendly features like FFXIV boosted servers with generous EXP gain bonuses. Although more accessible than many of its counterparts, the game still contains many types of grind. Getting the most interesting rewards often requires large investments in playtime and effort. CakeBoost’s FFXIV services exist to get this and other obstacles out of the way, letting you enjoy its gameplay without the frustrations.

FFXIV Boosts Advantages

Here are just some ways in which buying an FF14 boosting service can help you:

  • Your character may learn every job eventually, gaining access to a dazzling variety of playstyles. FF14 boosting lets you achieve this goal while avoiding a lengthy and tedious grind. It is also very helpful if you just want to reach the endgame as fast as possible;
  • There are numerous resources that could make your life easier or let you purchase desirable items. Our employees can farm them for you with maximum efficiency;
  • Raids, Trials, and Dungeons are major timesinks. Many of them also require you to find and coordinate a capable team. Getting an FF14 carry outsources the busywork while still letting you enjoy those instances’ exclusive rewards;
  • If you are looking to boost FF14 performance as a player, getting selfplay FFXIV boosting or coaching from professionals would be very useful;
  • The MMORPG’s wide selection of cosmetic items like Glamours (transmog skins) and mounts could greatly enrich your gameplay experience. Acquiring them is often a headache due to complicated or grind-heavy requirements, so why not leave it to boosters?

What FF14 Boosts Do We Sell?

CakeBoost’s Final Fantasy 14 boost catalog includes services of several types:

  • Powerleveling: We boost FF14 jobs, unlocking their abilities and letting you use them in advanced content;
  • Farming: Boosters can farm anything from Gil to niche currencies needed to acquire items from specific sources;
  • Collectibles: Our team can hunt down any mounts or Glamours you want, including vintage Relic Weapons;
  • FF14 Character Boost: Improving characters in ways other than powerleveling. Raising profession skills is the main example;
  • Instanced content: FFXIV Raids services, as well as carries for Ultimate Raids, Trials, and Dungeons. We can farm any of those instances for their unique cosmetics and gear;
  • PvP: Advancing along any of the MMORPG’s multiple PvP progression tracks to claim exclusive rewards.

Why Should You Buy Final Fantasy XIV Services from Us?

CakeBoost’s FFXIV Endwalker boost offerings enjoy several advantages over the competitors:

  • We offer a wide range of services. Practically all popular activities where players may need help are covered in the catalog. Additional service products are likely to be added as the MMORPG receives further updates;
  • Our carries are modular by design. You can select additional options and configure boosting targets as you see fit. There is no need to overpay for unnecessary service;
  • We always try to satisfy our clients’ individual needs. In case you need assistance with something outside our catalog, simply contact our support team. Assuming your request is something we can do, they can help arrange a custom order. They can also consult you on the custom FF14 boost cost;
  • We employ an elite team of proven boosters with extensive and varied MMORPG experience. It lets us tackle any task effectively and ensures that you will get your money’s worth;
  • Purchasing services from us lets you benefit from our robust loyalty program. After registering on the website, you will begin to receive discounts, coupons, and FFXIV boost sale event information. Each service you buy adds CakeCoins to your account. This currency can cover up to half the price of any carry.