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FFXIV 6.2 Buried Memory boosts are now available! Prepare your character for great deeds and victories. Unlock all your desired rewards quickly and easily with our PROs!

FFXIV 6.2 Buried Memory

CakeBoost’s FFXIV 6.2 Buried Memory boosting services allow customers to benefit from this patch’s newly-added content without needing to do anything themselves. Our professional boosters can complete the latest questlines, run instances, obtain cutting-edge gear, and more. Clients will not have to worry about catching up in the gearing race, leaving them free to enjoy the FFXIV activities they prefer.


What is the highest item level in FFXIV as of this patch?

Buried Memory increased the maximum available item level to 630 for armor and to 635 for weapons. Equipment at those levels can be acquired through the Pandaemonium Abyssos raid section.

How do I acquire Lunar Envoy’s equipment in FFXIV?

Weaponry, armor, and accessories from the Lunar Envoy’s collection can be purchased from Cihanti in Radz-at-Han using Allagan Tomestones of Causality added to the MMORPG in the Buried Memory patch. Weapons also require Ultralight Tomestones acquired from the Savage version of Abyssos.

How do I unlock The Fell Court of Troia dungeon and/or the Storm’s Crown Trial?

Both of those new FFXIV instances are unlocked by completing Buried Memory main story quests. Specifically, The Fell Court of Troia is unlocked during In Search of Azdaja, whereas Storm’s Crown is accessed as part of The Wind Rises. Our services allow clients to access those instances without delays.

What is the most effective method of gearing in FFXIV Buried Memory?

Assuming the player has 590 item level gear, they can farm Myths of the Realm: Aglaia for upgrade tokens to raise this equipment to 600. The Fell Court of Troia is an alternative source of gear. Afterwards, they would need to farm first the normal and then the Savage version of Abyssos to reach 635. Our FFXIV gearing service removes the need for farming gear, letting players enjoy Buried Memory content at their preferred pace.

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About FFXIV 6.2 Buried Memory Carry Offers

Patch 6.2: Buried Memory is the most recent major update to Final Fantasy XIV. It introduces a wealth of original content, including new quests, instances, equipment, and cosmetics as well as the long-awaited Island Sanctuaries. For players seeking to remain at the forefront of the FFXIV endgame, playing through Buried Memory content is not optional. The items and other advantages obtained there will be crucial for participating in the next update’s activities when they are released. Those not willing to invest their own playtime can call upon boosting services to get everything necessary from this patch.

What Can I Get With FFXIV 6.2 Buried Memory Boost Services?

The most popular FFXIV services we offer for Buried Memory content are:

  • FFXIV Gear Boost: Like other major FFXIV updates, Buried Memory pushes the maximum item level higher, requiring players to upgrade their arsenals if they are to keep up. Our gearing experts can acquire any of the latest gear items swiftly and efficiently, removing the need for grinding hard content;
  • FFXIV Glamour Boost: Buried Memory has doubled player capacity for Glamours (the FFXIV version of transmogs), in addition to introducing more Glamour options. We will quickly obtain any Glamours our customers want;
  • Buried Memory Storyline Boost: There are several Buried Memory main story quests to play through before all features in the updated FFXIV endgame could be accessed. This service lets players skip the story and play with everything unlocked;
  • Allagan Tomestones of Causality Boost: Allagan Tomestones of Causality are the new currency obtained from maximum level instances and required to purchase the finest gear. We can farm the required amount of those items and let the customers decide how to spend them;
  • Pandaemonium Abyssos Normal Raid Full Clear: Buried Memory added a second section to the Pandaemonium raid. Our boosters could grind its basic version for currencies, including one that players could exchange for unique high-level equipment;
  • Storm's Crown Extreme Trial Boost: Buried Memory also introduced a harder version of Storm’s Crown. It can be farmed to claim various rewards, including currencies and gear;
  • Lynx of Imperious Wind Mount Boost: This mount may be obtained from Storm’s Crown Extreme Trial, either as a random drop or in exchange for many tokens. Customers can just leave this grind to our boosters;
  • Containment Bay S1T7 (Unreal) Boost: Fans of the Faux Hollow have a new Unreal Trial to get through in Buried Memory. CakeBoost’s boosters can overcome this extra challenging instance, delivering all prizes to our clients.

The FFXIV boosting services we can provide for this update are not limited to the ones above. Buried Memory also inaugurated a new FFXIV PvP Series. Our FFXIV PvP boost services can help customers progress through multiple modes and earn Series Malmstones, unlocking various prizes. Players who have not yet reached the level needed to take part in Buried Memory content could use our FFXIV Power Leveling services to catch up. Custom orders or Hourly Character Driving services may be arranged to assist with any newly-added features that are not yet represented in our catalog, such as the Island Sanctuaries or the newest collection of Relic Weapons.

Why Should You Choose Cakeboost?

By default, Buried Memory FFXIV carries are completed using account-sharing. When the booster controls the customer’s character directly, they can deploy optimal strategies to advance through the latest content more efficiently. Since they are paid to do this, the resulting progress is much faster than what customers could achieve themselves. Nevertheless, many players are understandably reluctant to let strangers access their FFXIV accounts. Finding a company you can trust is vital when ordering such services. CakeBoost can be trusted with FFXIV Buried Memory boosting services thanks to several essential advantages:

  • Our long-standing reputation. We began assisting clients with boosting services for various titles in 2015, giving us an extensive track record that can be confirmed through Trustpilot. Customers can trust in our consistent performance standards. Moreover, we have used our years of accumulated experience to refine our boosting model in every aspect, from communications to delivery speed. Although our FFXIV service is comparatively new, it benefits from this knowhow. Our staff is well-prepared to deal with any issues that are likely to emerge during boosting, ensuring client satisfaction with our Buried Memory services;
  • An elite team of boosters. Our Buried Memory services are performed by professional boosters with considerable FFXIV experience. Each of them has undergone rigorous vetting prior to being added to the CakeBoost boosting team. We employ boosters with divers specializations, allowing us to match boosters with specific tasks. For example, we have both raiding and PvP experts specializing in different jobs. By entrusting carries to those who are most qualified to perform them, we can deliver reliable and speedy results;
  • Substantial boost customization. Each FFXIV Buried Memory service we offer can be tailored to suit our clients’ needs and preferences. Even when the desired boost or option cannot be found on our website, it may be possible to arrange it with our staff. We will do our best to accommodate any reasonable requests. While account-sharing is the recommended approach for those services in most cases, customers who wish to experience Buried Memory instances or other content for themselves can request a selfplay order instead. We stand ready to assist people across Data Centers and platforms;
  • Thorough security. We protect boosted accounts and customer data through a combination of proven practices and cutting-edge technology. Regularly-updated HTTPS encryption ensures the safety of all information on our website. Log-in details provided by customers while ordering FFXIV Buried Memory boosts may only be accessed by employees working on their orders. All services are performed manually, without resorting to third-party services or programs that may compromise the client’s account. Secrecy is maintained through the use of VPNs and by avoiding chatting with other players in-game;
  • 24/7 customer service. Current and potential clients can contact our support team whenever they need help and count on immediate replies. Our support specialists can provide in-depth consultations regarding any CakeBoost FFXIV Buried Memory services and answer questions about ongoing orders. Any issue they cannot address effectively will be passed on to superiors or boosters at once. Support communications are handled through multiple channels, including e-mail and live chat. Additionally, the buyer is required to pick a chat platform like Discord while ordering their boost. This platform is then used to host a dedicated communications channel for their order.

How Do FFXIV 6.2 Buried Memory Boost Services Work?

Purchasing FFXIV Buried Memory boosting services from CakeBoost is straightforward:

  • Select your intended boost from our FFXIV Buried Memory catalog:
  • Confirm that your adventurer meets that specific boost’s requirements;
  • After selecting your desired options, press the “buy” button;
  • Verify the purchase through your shopping cart interface;
  • Share contact details and pick a chat platform;
  • Pay for the boost using any of our supported methods;
  • Once our support team makes contact, arrange the boosting schedule and other details;
  • Permit our booster to take over your character at prescheduled intervals and follow the boost’s progress through status updates and optional free streaming;
  • Write a review on TrustPilot to help us refine our FFXIV Buried Memory boosting services further!

Buy FFXIV 6.2 Buried Memory Boost Services Right Now!

Buried Memory content is currently at the cutting edge, but players must master it quickly if they wish to move on seamlessly to the activities and instances coming in the next FFXIV update. Our boosting services allow them to do so swiftly, comfortably, and at reasonable prices. Customers who take us up on this offer benefit from our numerous bonuses and special deals. All registered users receive CakeCoins with each boost they buy. This bonus currency can be spent on other boosts, making it easier for them to afford further assistance in this and subsequent updates. We regularly provide discounts on our services, including the first-purchase discount that customers receive upon registration.