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6.4 The Dark Throne

FFXIV 6.4 The Dark Throne boosting services allow customers to benefit from this patch’s newly-added content without needing to do anything themselves. Our professional boosters can complete the latest questlines, run instances, obtain cutting-edge gear, and more. Clients will not have to worry about catching up in the gearing race, leaving them free to enjoy the FFXIV activities they prefer.

Endwalker Patches Schedule

FFXIV receives fresh content on a regular basis, extending its plotline and introducing all kinds of interesting additions. Although the developers do not share all their future plans, much of what they intend for the remainder of Endwalker’s lifespan is already known to the fanbase. The most recent large FFXIV patch at the time of writing is 6.3. It is known as Gods Revel, Lands Tremble, and is named after its main questing plotline. This update arrived on January 10, 2023, implementing features such as:

  • Additional quests of all types;
  • Euphrosyne Alliance Raid, the latest installment of Myths of the Realm;
  • The Ultimate version of The Omega Protocol raid;
  • Lapis Manalis, a brand-new dungeon;
  • A high-end deep dungeon for those above LVL 81 called Eureka Orthos;
  • Mount Ordeals Normal and Extreme Trials;
  • The Unreal version of the Containment Bay P1T6 Trial;
  • PvP Series 3 and Season 5, plus an original setting for CC.

Two more content patches of similar importance remain:

  • 6.4: Dark Throne, expected by the end of May 2023. Known features for this update include:
  • Further quests;
  • Anabaseios, the conclusive Pandaemonium Raid;
  • Another brand-new dungeon called The Aetherfont;
  • Mount Rokkon Variant dungeon at different difficulties;
  • Voidcast Dais Trial versions;
  • The Unreal version of the Containment Bay Z1T9 Trial;
  • PvP Series 4;
  • Allagan Tomestones of Comedy replacing its predecessors as the superior currency used to acquire cutting-edge goods;
  • Blue Mage expansion letting the solo job reach level 80 and acquire extra features;
  • 6.5: currently unnamed, intended as the final major patch of Endwalker. It should arrive sometime this September, wrapping up the expansion’s storyline, instance collections, and PvP seasons.

We will begin providing FF14 boost services focused on upcoming content as soon as it is added to the game.