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FFXIV Leveling

Players in FFXIV buy level boost services to unleash their jobs’ full potential and unlock advanced content. If you’re tired of the leveling grind or can’t wait to enter the endgame, CakeBoost’s Final Fantasy EXP boost offerings have you covered.


How to get a level boost in Final Fantasy XIV?

Follow these steps:

  • Pick the carry you want from our catalog;
  • Choose your initial and target levels. You can also add options like Endwalker MSQ completion;
  • Press the buy button;
  • Confirm the purchase in the shopping cart;
  • Wait for the boost to finish.
How does FFXIV leveling boost work?

Our booster will access your account with the details you provide. They will play at scheduled intervals and follow optimal routes to reach the target quickly. Tricks like maximizing FFXIV experience boost bonuses will help ensure rapid progress. Boosting is strictly manual to minimize the risks of your account being compromised in any way. We keep user details safe with HTTPS encryption. Secrecy will be maintained using a VPN.

Is getting a FFXIV level boost worth it?

That is ultimately up to you. However, boosting is the fastest, simplest, and most versatile means of powerleveling available. Buying it would save you a lot of time and effort, leaving you free to enjoy the game.

What is the max level cap in Final Fantasy XIV?

The highest level you can reach in any job during the Endwalker expansion is 90. This cap will be raised in future expansions. When that happens, we will expand our FFXIV max level boost offerings accordingly.

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About FFXIV Level Boost Services

We offer several Final Fantasy XIV level boost services:

  • Main Job carry to help you reach maximum level for the first time;
  • Secondary Job carry to repeat this process with different jobs;
  • Blue Mage carry to navigate the special challenges of improving the unique solo job;
  • Gil farming, which gives you the desired amount of the MMORPG’s main currency;
  • Hourly Character Driving, which may be used for powerleveling or farming any resources;
  • Main Storyline Quest completion is required to unlock much of the game’s content;
  • Mount acquisition, which lets you travel in style and use any mount’s unique actions.

Our services are highly customizable. You can adjust the leveling range and extra options, helping you manage the FFXIV level boost price. If the service you want is not in our catalog, our support team will help you put together a custom order.

Is FF14 level boost the fastest way to get the max level?

Without buying a level boost FF14 leveling can be done in several ways:

  • Just playing the game will get you there eventually, since most activities give EXP. However, this method is very slow;
  • Powerleveling yourself requires planning ahead to optimize routes and pick up FF14 EXP boost bonuses. That requires considerable focus and effort, and not everyone finds this kind of exertion fun. Also, inexperienced players are unlikely to get the best results;
  • Buying boost items from the official marketplace lets you skip to the desired level. However, those services only take buyers to level 80 and have various other limitations.

Purchasing a boost from CakeBoost will leave the powerleveling task to professionals. Since they are paid to play and know all the tricks, they can get it done much quicker than most players. They can also complete other tasks along the way if requested, adding flexibility. Meanwhile, you can relax and wait until the service is completed.