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FFXIV Relics Weapons Boost

To skip your tireless efforts and many hours of play, CakeBoost offers you a viable FFXIV Relics Weapon boosting service. Our professional and skilled team will deliver your order and get your weapons for further adventures. In addition, you receive an upgraded character, excellent support, and pure joy from our collaboration.  

About FFXIV Relics Weapons Carry Offers

Final Fantasy XIV is a multiplayer online role-playing game that won the hearts of millions of players worldwide. The game was first launched in 2010 and was online, but in 2013 Final Fantasy became a massive online game. Beginners may face various difficulties in the game; leveling their character to get a needed level or completing the quest takes a lot of time and effort. For example, special relics weapons are very powerful and help gamers to ease their gaming process, but it is extremely difficult to obtain them. To create unique relics and weapons for a particular profession, the users need to go through a long chain of quests, complete various tasks, and destroy ferocious monsters and bosses to collect certain items. First, accomplish the main line called "The Ultimate Weapon." Then a gamer must complete all the extra tasks connected with the certain class and trade. Then retrieve the access to one of the dungeons - Amdapor Keep. Finally, finish the missions of the Bowl of Embers, the Howling Eye, and the Navel.

What Can I Get With FFXIV Relics Weapon Boost? 

By purchasing the FFXIV Relics Weapon boosting or any other popular services, you get to receive the some weapons of your choice:

  • Level 50: Zodiac;
  • Level 60: Anima;
  • Level 70: The Forbidden Land, Eureka;
  • Level 80: Resistance;
  • Level 90: Manderville;

It is hard to craft the weapon, so we achieve the necessary level and move your character forward with the suitable weapon. Also, during our performance, we guarantee you additional trophies and EXP points and more Gils and other in-game currencies:

  • Maintain character health and loot; 
  • Complete storyline additional quests; 
  • Unlock desired mount.  

Moreover, CakeBoost offers a lot of varieties of other fine boosting services for this game to the devoted fans. Here is a bunch of the most demanded products:

  • If you wish to get more progress for the character right from the beginning, here is the FFXIV Power Leveling boost. 
  • A booster is available for players who want to prepare their character for gaming the new FFXIV 6.2 Buried Memory patch. 
  • Collecting unique equipment and excellent gear takes a huge amount of time. To assist you in that complex task, we have FFXIV Raid boost.
  • Developing your trade and becoming the best in your profession is crucial. It is also quite beneficial because it brings more Gils. If you want to accumulate more of the ingame money, try our FFXIV Professions boost.
  • To upgrade the character level, order FFXIV Character boosting service. It is way easier to play with boosted character.  
  • In case it is hard for a gamer to kill bosses of the game, we are happy to suggest FFXIV Trials boost.
  • Deep Dungeons are a huge location in the game where the player can discover a lot of gear and materials and gain experience. Exploring all the dungeons map will take an enormous amount of time. We can suggest one of the newest products - Deep Dungeons FFXIV boost avoids it. 
  • The game also includes PvP mode, so if you are interested in that, go and check out our new FFXIV PvP boost to win all the opponents.

Why Should You Choose Сakeboost? 

Our devoted team is ready to suggest its customers' excellent conditions and more benefits from cooperating with us. We offer:

  • Skilled, qualified boosters are our professionals in particular games. They know all the tricky spots in each game and can fulfill all your goals and wishes. We select the proper team suitable to the need of our customers. We get you boosted just at the right time.
  • Fast and always available support unit. Our managers will discuss any burning issues regarding our service, provide clear guidance and help to find the right product. You will get an almost immediate response any time of night and day.
  • A unique bonus and reward system. Register on the website and get CakeCoins and receive cashback. 
  • Absolute data protection. Our team achieves total security via premium VPN technology and HTTPS certificates. Your private information will stay untouched. Without sharing with others, your rewards will not be stolen. No fraud or scammers can get you.  
  • Reasonable, flexible prices. CakeBoost observes the market, which helps us to form our prices. By following the latest trends, we provide discounts and special offers. Subscribe to get them first.
  • Customizable orders. It is hard sometimes to find a suitable service. We are open to discussions. Type what you need into the online chat, and our managers will try to find you the service according to your requirements or make a new order for a private service. 
  • Convenient refund policy. Invest your funds safely with us and if you cannot use the service, we can return the money. Simply direct your request to our operators via a live chat.

How Does FFXIV Relics Weapon Boosting Services Work?

Here are the instructions on how to place the order on the CakeBoost website:

  • Select FFXIV Relics Weapon service or any other boosting.
  • Pick up the options, like a number of runs, or else select the gaming mode.
  • Click on the "Add to cart" button.
  • Choose the social platform for communication with our team. We offer Skype, Discord, or others.
  • Choose the payment option. We work with Stripe, Unitpay, Paymentwall, Coinbase, or Fondy.
  • Leave the contact information, so we know how to find you.
  • Once you paid the order, our support team reaches out, arrange the boosting schedule and discuss special requests, if any.

All customers can choose between two modes: Piloted or Selfplay. Let our booster play as your adventurer during the scheduled intervals, and keep you informed about the progress. In addition, we can provide you with a free video. However, in that case, you have to pass your password and login into your gamer's account to our boosters. Everything is highly protected. Do not worry about any probable losses of your trophies.nIf you prefer a self-play, then our team will assist you with the toughest spots and increase your success.

Buy FFXIV Relics Weapon Boost Right Now

We are happy to present you with our excellent bonus system. All loyal CakeBost customers can participate. Buy our services and receive cashback. Each bunch of coins can cover 50% of any of your purchases. Sign up and obtain our welcome bonus of 300 CakeCoins, and each one has a value of 1.2 dollars US. Complete the information about yourself and retrieve additional 100 coins. 
Invite friends to join the program and wait till they place the order. Receive 105 cashback from their purchase. If you have pages on social media, tell them about us and your experience. Use your referral link. You can find it on your personal page, generated right for you.nIf you wish to grab more coins, purchase our packages:

  • Bronze;
  • Golden;
  • Brilliant.

Place your first order for the Relics Weapon service and enjoy your goals accomplished on time.

FFXIV Relics Weapon Boosting FAQ

Q. Is there any service that helps me skip hours of online gaming?  

There are a lot of locations in the game. It has local dungeons and raids, fights against other gamers, job leveling, hundreds of quests, and many more, which take a lot of game time and might not be that interesting for skipping all these unnecessary waste of time. We suggest FFXIV Hourly Character Driving. Our professionals will take gamer's accounts and spend a huge number of hours instead of real gamers, but all experience points, loot, and Gil will stay in the account. 

Q. What to do if I want to start the game from the primary job 30s level? 

For customers who do not want to start the game from the first level and keep growing, there is a Primary job Level Boost 1-90, and our employees are ready to boost your primary job skills from any stage. 

Q. How to get more Gil quickly in the game? 

Gil is one of the many gaming currency that you can use to buy better equipment, some resources, and gear. Here is an option, FFXIV Gil Currency boost will help players to collect as much as needed Gil and purchase all required equipment. 

Q. I can not complete the storyline quest by myself. What service can I use for it? 

We have a booster, FFXIV Main Storyline Quests, which will help to complete any storyline quests in case of any difficulties from the player.