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Eureka Orthos

Eureka Orthos boost helps you extract full benefits from the new Deep Dungeon of Final Fantasy XIV. This procedurally-assembled instance contains numerous rewards from equipment to cosmetics. Earning them is impossible without a lengthy 100-floor grind that follows rules, unlike the rest of FF14. Buy our boost so professional gamers would complete this activity on your behalf, securing all desired items.


  • Eureka Orthos Solo completion;
  • All by Eurekaself II Achievement;
  • Once and Future King / Once and Future Queen Title;
  • Allagan Tomestones;
  • Gil.


  • Up to 1 week


  • Eureka Orthos unlocked;
  • 81+ lvl Machinist Job;
  • Aetherpool Arms and Armor at 99/99.

What is Eureka Orthos in FFXIV?

  • As a Deep Dungeon, Eureka Orthos follows in the footsteps of the Palace of the Dead and Heaven-on-High. Its rules are different from most other instances:
  • Visitors must advance through 100 floors, fighting bosses at every tenth. Initially, all attempts begin on the first floor. Beating the thirtieth floor and turning in a sidequest unlocks a twenty-first-floor entrance;
  • Matchmaking provides random allies for runs up to floor 30. Afterward, you must proceed with a premade squad. You can complete an attempted solo, resulting in special achievements;
  • Each floor’s layout gets randomly generated on each attempt;
  • Combat level is tracked separately from jobs outside. All visitors start out at 81. They must advance to 90 by killing foes;
  • Similarly, Orthos Aetherpool gear replaces outside equipment;
  • You can save progress in two slots;
  • Treasure found within offers a variety of items. Some help with advancing in the dungeon. You may redeem others for prizes outside.

The Eureka Orthos Deep Dungeon is much harder than its predecessors. Nonetheless, it offers considerable rewards, beginning with equipment.

Orthos Aetherpool Gear Features

The gearing system has its own rules:

  • Equipment here is separate from that wielded outside or in other Deep Dungeons;
  • Aetherpool weapons and armor start at 1 power each. Silver chests occasionally raise those stats;
  • Reaching 10 power and floor 31 allows players to obtain Orthos Aetherpool Grips by lowering their power. You can exchange three Grips for an ilvl 620 Orthos Weapon useable outside;
  • Climbing to floor 100 lets visitors purchase ilvl 625 Enaretos Weapons. They cost six Grips per item.

Eureka Orthos Boosting Advantages

Farming Eureka Orthos is a difficult, time-consuming task. Rather than spend hours doing it yourself, why not entrust this pursuit to professionals? After you purchase our carry, we will contact you to discuss order details. By default, our service involves a full clear with a booster team. Alternatively, you may request a solo run and/or farming-specific rewards. Our booster will assume control over your character at prescheduled intervals. They will play through this instance on your terms. Since we work with vetted experts who play full-time, we can guarantee swift, reliable success.

The rewards you can expect include:

  • EO level and equipment progress;
  • Exclusive high-ilvl items as discussed above;
  • Achievements, some of which come with titles;
  • EXP for your active job, if not fully leveled. Otherwise, there are bonus currencies;
  • Special rewards such as the Aeturna mount;
  • Assorted currency types.

We also recommend perusing our Deep Dungeons boost catalog. Our offerings regarding earlier activities of this type may help you with powerleveling or other pursuits.

Eureka Orthos
Quantity: 1
Service Customization
Orthos Weapon Unlock
Enaretos Weapon Unlock
Floor 100 Solo
Aeturna Mount
Aetherpool Boost 99/99

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