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FFXIV Primary Job Level Boost to 90

20% OFF Hot Offer

Primary job is basically the main class of the character. Each job has a set of special abilities and defines the role of the player during PvE and PvP activities. The Primary job is available from the start. It is the most important choice of the player and the overall gameplay depends on it. To unlock all of the skills and abilities that a job can provide, you have to reach 90 level. Buy FFXIV Primary Job Level Boost to 90 to quickly reach the maximum possible job level with help of our professional boosters.


  • Desired level for your character;
  • Campaign completions (additional);
  • All loot and other rewards you receive during the boost.


  • up to 18 days


  • FFXIV Account
  • Heavensward DLC for 60 level
  • Stormblood DLC for 70 level
  • Shadowbringers DLC for 80 level

About Final Fantasy XIV Job Boost

CakeBoost’s FFXIV job level boost works by having a member of our team access your account. This booster will pilot your chosen character and try to reach the intended main job level as quickly as possible. The exact target is up to you. It may make sense to aim for a lower goal at a reduced FFXIV job boost price. The FFXIV job boost will let you access endgame content and advanced powers without delays. You will not have to slog through earlier content on the way. The superior speed of leveling through boosting is ensured by the booster’s expertise and ability to play full-time.

How to Level Jobs Fast in FF14?

The FF14 job boost uses several powerleveling tricks:

  • Maximizing experience gain bonuses from buffs, items, and other sources;
  • Planning efficient routes that take advantage of quests clustered in one area;
  • Turning in repeatable quests and Duty Roulette assignments;
  • Farming Deep Dungeons and other activities depending on the current level.

In theory, you could use those tricks yourself. However, they require careful preparation and precise execution for the best results. Getting an FF14 job level boost is much more reliable. Our boosters have done this many times before and can repeat it promptly.

This core Final Fantasy 14 job level boost is not everything we have to offer. Our FFXIV leveling services can make your progress much smoother by helping with secondary pursuits.

FFXIV Primary Job Level Boost to 90
Quantity: 1
Service Customization
Level range
80 - 81
70-80 Leveling
Endwalker MSQ

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