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FFXIV Alt Job Leveling

Hot Offer

In FFXIV, characters have Primary and Secondary jobs. Just like a primary one, secondary jobs must be leveled to 90. Only after that players can use their secondary class with maximum efficiency by obtaining all of the skills and abilities. Secondary jobs can be unlocked with a special item - Soul Crystal. Yet, you still have to level your job in order to increase the strength of your character to the maximum. Buy FFXIV Secondary Job Leveling to 90 to guarantee yourself a quick and effective leveling done by professional gamers.


  • Desired level for your character;
  • All loot and other rewards you receive during the boost.


  • up to 9 days


  • FF14 Account
  • Heavensward DLC for 60 level
  • Stormblood DLC for 70 level
  • Shadowbringers DLC for 80 level
  • Primary job leveled up at least to the level that you want us to boost your secondary job

Is There Any Reason to Level Alt Jobs in FFXIV?

The job system is among Final Fantasy XIV’s greatest selling points. The jobs are diverse, balanced, and compelling. You can advance in all of them on a single character and switch seamlessly between them by swapping equipment. There are many reasons to learn additional jobs with an FFXIV alt job boost. They allow you to:

  • Spice up gameplay by switching to a different action set and playstyle;
  • Change your approach after wipes;
  • Play through unique flavorful questlines;
  • Experiment with diverse aesthetics.

How Do You Level Alt Jobs Fast?

Leveling up for the first time can be done by focusing on the main quests. This source cannot be used again, so to boost alt job FFXIV experts rely on multiple strategies:

  • Activating all EXP gain buffs, such as the Armory FFXIV alt job experience boost;
  • Promptly turning in daily quests, Duty Roulettes, and other repeatable tasks;
  • Farming level-appropriate instances, especially Deep Dungeons;
  • Playing through exclusive questlines promptly when they become available.

Our boosters can use those methods efficiently because they are familiar with optimal powerleveling tricks. They also play whenever they can and focus on the goal, enabling rapid progress. CakeBoost’s FFXIV leveling services apply this expertise to wrapping up any powerleveling tasks at top speed.

FFXIV Alt Job Leveling
Quantity: 1
Service Customization
80-90 level
70-90 level
90 Level & 20m Gil

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