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The Omega Protocol Ultimate Raid

The Omega Protocol raid boost helps you collect cutting-edge rewards from the Ultimate instance without unwanted effort. Ultimate raids count among the most challenging activities of Final Fantasy XIV, but they are also exceptionally rewarding. This fresh example lets players push past 630 ilvl gear, acquiring items that would dominate this MMORPG’s near future. Buy TOP Raid boost service to entrust our team with farming raid bosses.


  • The Omega Protocol Ultimate Raid cleared;
  • One Omega Totem coin, which may be exchanged for an instance-exclusive 635 ilvl weapon;
  • Heart to Heartless achievement granting The Alpha Legend title;
  • Unique cosmetic plate style;
  • Allagan Tomestones of Causality.


We will fulfill your order within three days after its placement. If there are unexpected complications delaying your service, our staff shall inform you immediately.


  • Any lvl 90 combat job;
  • 630 ilvl gear;
  • Instance unlocked (P8S cleared).

Let us know if you cannot meet those preconditions. If you prefer, we can arrange a custom order that would help you prepare.

About The Omega Protocol Boost Service

The Omega Protocol stands among the hardest instances in Final Fantasy XIV’s update 6.3. Players must defeat an opponent that manifests as several bosses at different stages, deploying increasingly complex tactics. Victory would require focus, skill, and teamwork among eight participants. Not everyone can take on such a complicated challenge. Yet beating it is the only way to obtain some of this MMORPG’s deadliest weaponry. Prestigious awards and distinctive weapon skins promise to remain relevant for even longer. If you order a carry service from CakeBoost, you can secure all those benefits without doing anything yourself.

Once you have placed your order, we will contact you and discuss the relevant details. One of CakeBoost’s boosters shall take over your character as scheduled and join a party consisting of other pros. Our team draws upon their familiarity with appropriate strategies to beat this tough instance swiftly and reliably. We employ dependable boosters who have undergone extensive background checks. All carry activities are done manually, minimizing your risks. Secrecy is further ensured by our piloting booster connecting through a VPN and avoiding unnecessary communications with your friends.

We offer similar services for other such instances in our Ultimate Raids boost category.

The Omega Protocol Ultimate Raid
Quantity: 1


How many phases does The Omega Protocol have?

This raid consists of six stages during which participants must defeat functionally different bosses.

When did The Omega Protocol Ultimate come out?

It was launched on January 24, 2023, as part of Endwalker update 6.31.

How do I unlock Omega Ultimate in FF14?

You must beat the Savage version of Abyssos: the Eighth Circle (also known as P8S). Next, talk to the Wandering Minstrel, who shall unlock this instance.

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