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Mechagon guide


WHAT IS MECHAGON ZONE? Mechagon is a new zone that became available with the launch of [PATCH 8.2: Rise of Azshara]. It is the capital of the technologically developed people of Mechagnomes, located west of the Stormsong Valley, where the social status is determined by the quality and quantity of equipment that a citizen has. […]

Return of a real Horde Leader (?)

RETURN OF A REAL HORDE LEADER (?) New [Patch 8.2: Rise of Azshara] of the last World of Warcraft massive expansion “Battle for Azeroth” will be released on June 26, 2019. It will bring a lot of new things: the continuation of storylines, new territories, challenges and much more. The game continues its rapid development. […]

Patch 8.2 Innovations and new Possibilities

WORLD OF WARCRAFT “BATTLE FOR AZEROTH” PATCH 8.2 INNOVATIONS ANDNEW POSSIBILITIES BLIZZARD continues to delight fans with their desire to diversify the game and maintain the courage of the players. June 26, 2019, Patch 8.2: Rise of Azshara will be released, which will be another difficult challenge for the residents of Azeroth, as well as […]

Azshara's Eternal Palace AEP Guide

Azshara’s Eternal Palace Full Guide

AZSHARA’S ETERNAL PALACE FULL GUIDE WoW’s latest expansion, “Battle for Azeroth,” continues to evolve. Danger came from where nobody expected. The fourth expansion raid, AZSHARA’S ETERNAL PALACE , was released under the new PATCH 8.2: RISE OF AZSHARA. Azshara’s Eternal Palace is the palace of Queen, where she invited the heroes of the Horde and […]


Dazar’alor Normal /Heroic/Mythic Bosses

BOSSES OF BOD BATTLE OF DAZARALOR RAID : In order to defeat the Bosses of the Battle of Dazar’alor raid, you will need a high speed of reaction, the ability to correctly analyze the situation and apply the appropriate tactics, know your strengths and weaknesses and show outstanding gaming performance. You will also need a strong […]

wow Professions

WoW Professions

ARCHAEOLOGY Folks like archaeologists spend their days seeking for fantabulous treasures of the Past Times all around the world not only on the Earth surface, but beneath the ground as well. They are able to dig out really valuable Items or Artifacts from the Ancient times. Their amazing flair to pick some rare, mighty and […]

Mythic plus + info

A BIT OF HISTORY September 5 was a special date in the history of WoW. The second chapter of the expansion gave the heroes a chance to fight against Old Gods, and many heroes left their native lands to protect Azeroth. Thus, many villages were left defenseless, because all the warriors went to the Great […]

Jaina Proudmoore’s Biography

Jaina Proudmoore’s Biography Born three years prior to the First War, Jaina Proudmoore is the youngest child of Lord Admiral Daelin Proudmoore, ruler of Kul Tiras and longtime friend and ally of Lordaeron and Stormwind. At a young age, Jaina was enamored with tales of the Guardian Aegwynn. As a child, propriety demanded that Jaina […]


BATTLE OF DAZAR’ALOR RAID GUIDE Testing of the sec epic raid of the “Battle for Azeroth”, during which players can take part in the seizure or defense of the ancient capital of the trolls, continues. The guardians of the city cut many attempts to assassinate the ancient great king Rastakhan. However, now the undermined forces […]

All Allied Races Review

In 2018, the inhabitants of the world of Warcraft will witness a historic event: Blizzard launches the seventh major addition, “The Battle for Azeroth”. The developers have tried their best, so the expansion will bring a lot of new things into the game, including information on the development of the history of the world, and […]

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