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Genshin Impact Boosting Services

Genshin Impact boosts enable customers to enjoy the original story and fun combat of one of the world’s most successful recent titles, while sidestepping its infamous gacha mechanics. Buyers do not have to complete the same activities every day or grind for rare resources. CakeBoost’s pro boosters can handle it all for them. They can farm specific activities or instances with maximum efficiency, or swiftly collect the desired amounts of certain resources. Important content can be unlocked without delays. Clients are also free to customize their order to get any combination of resources or activities they want!

Can’t find the service?

2 mins to get desired! Contact our support and get special offer.


5% discount on any services. Discount cannot be combined with other discounts.

Bonus & Referal System
  • Free Coins for Registration
  • 5% Cashback for each order

Get cashback for every purchase, collect bonuses and pay up to 50% of the cost of the our services!

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What are further steps after payment?

Once payment is done our operators will contact you by any channel of communication that you prefer more to discuss all details of your order. Don’t forget to leave all necessary information in order details before payment is done.

Can I check the progress of my order?

Of course!! We could provide you with screenshots or stream of your order process.

Can I choose the schedule of order completion?

Our operators will help you to find the player for your special needs including the schedule of order fulfillment.

Who is the most powerful boss in Genshin Impact?

The game includes many enemies whom you can defeat only via clear strategy. The Golden Wolflord is considered one of such bosses who challenge all your skills and knowledge to confront him. Buy Genshin Weekly Bosses Defeat service to invest your time for other joyful missions, and let us complete this tough task.

How many chests are in Genshin Impact?

The last updates show that there are about 138 chests scattered around the locations. We can find them for you via our Genshin Chests Farm boosting.

Can I buy complex orders for Genshin Domains?

Yes, it is possible. Check out our best deals like Genshin Domains Clear service, and get boosted with all the loot we can find on our way.

Why do I need to collect the Primogems?

Primogems is one of the in-game currencies that helps you to invest in your future characters. It is a part of the Gacha system. Try our Genshin Primogems Farm to see what it can bring you.

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About Genshin Impact Carry Offers

The MiHOYO limited company found a key to success by creating Genshin Impact in 2020. The game has different activities and marvelous locations that are a joy to see. This mixture helps to attract all types of players, who loves battles, a great story and exciting landscape to explore. All the tasks aim to develop characters’ skills and increase their adventure experience. The Gacha system allows players to purchase rare items with the in-game currency called Mora. To earn EXP, Mora and pieces of artifacts you have to participate at almost all the events. Though some tasks may seem too hard or boring for some players and that is the place where Genshin Impact carry services comes handy. 

Hire our team to accomplish tricky parts and let you progress fast. We help our customers with challenges like finding a needed artifact in the Domain's directory, or fulfill a citizen request, or upgrade your party and defeat bosses. We have all services presented on one website. Simply select a product and make your order. Everything is fully secure, your data is protected, your rewards are sealed. 

What Can I Get With Genshin Impact Boost?

Genshin Impact is a popular game, that is why many players would consider to look for a little boost when they got trapped during the runs. The CakeBoost team comes handy and supplies you with the fastest possible solutions. Our boosters have a profound experience with the game, so each particular task will be completed as promised. The diversity of various game activities is huge, and despite the number of interesting locations, each of them has many challenges to offer, that not each player is ready to accomplish. Order Genshin Impact boosting services to cover your tasks, because we have a wide set of services for small and complex assignments.

By ordering our services, you get:

  • All possible loot we acquire during our run
  • Various artifacts to compose one powerful item
  • Mora
  • EXP cards
  • Adventure rank increase.

Choose between our complex services to select the particular task you need our help with. We provide many popular services like:

Genshin Powerleveling — our new service that was created to upgrade the level of your characters. Since instead of just one character you have a set of participants, it is a hard quest to earn the desired level of EXP, so you can level up. Our boosting team simply help you to upgrade all your party, so you can continue discovering wonderful locations of Mondstadt, Liyue and Inzuma. For a reasonable price, you can reach the needed level and get a quality service.

Genshin Story & Event — another service that assist you in fulfilling the storyline of each of the party member. Besides the main line of the game, discovering the story of each character brings you more artifacts and other loot to succeed in future missions and become more powerful. If you prefer to focus on the primary quest, it is doable. Purchase CakeBoost service and let us earn you more rewards and cover the rest. All you get to do is enjoy the vigorous world of Teyvat.

Genshin Reputations — building a great reputation is one of the game’s priorities, because it brings you more EXP and can upgrade the Adventure rank. To gain the reputation you need to visit several locations and start taking orders for killing monsters, fulfilling citizens’ requests, exploring the terrains or cover the region tasks. It might be tiresome, however, CakeBoost can do all that for you. If you faced some assignment you wish to quit, order a service and forget about that boring mission.

Genshin Spiral Abyss & Domains — the domain area is the most mystical in the game. It can grant you costly items that can appear sometimes. In return, it has a more complicated mission. For this tough spot, our team uses optimal methods and proven strategies, so if you need some artifact or loot, our experienced boosters will obtain it for you.

Genshin Bosses & Farm — the game has weekly battles with some bosses, that is not that hard to defeat, however for a bigger fish it is required from you to explore the location's hidden places. The tougher the boss, the more interesting artifacts and EXP you can retrieve with them. If you are eager to kill the most powerful boss, our boosting team will tell you how to find him and what strategy to use. We can farm you more treasures and rewards. 

Why Should You Choose СakeBoost?

We provide carry services for years and already have our formed customer base. Read their reviews on Trustpilot to ensure that we are professionals who prefer quality to quantity, and appreciate our customers.

Outstanding Quality

Each game and task need suitable boosters, and CakeBoost is ready to provide them. We collaborate only with trustworthy players, qualified right for the mission. For over five years, we succeed to fulfill many tasks and leave our customer pleased and wanting more services.

Efficient Support 

Once you visited our website, our support operator will gladly welcome you via our live chat. You won’t feel lonely at all the times. If there is an issue you need us to help you with, write to our operator. They offer a quick solution, advise the right service or even compose a new one especially for you. They are ready to assist 24/7 and are waiting to hear your questions.

Full Protection

Your personal information is safe. We work with a turned on premium VPN technology and a new SS certificates to prevent any possible fraud.

Customization of Orders

Each customer is priority, and although we strive to display the most wanted services, they can be adjusted to the needs of a particular user. If you need to create a special order, write to our support and explain all the details, so we can select a suitable team.

Decent Prices and Unique Bonus System

The cost of our services is reasonable, because we bring the quality forward. However, you can purchase our products cheaper if you participate in our bonus system. It will let you collect our special currency and use it to cover some part of the purchase. 

Convenient Refund Policy

If you faced some circumstances when it is impossible to use the paid service, just tell us via the chat. Our managers will make a refund.

How Does Genshin Impact Boosting Services Work?

Place your order in a minute. If you know exactly what you require our help with, simply pick a game and look through our offers. If you are still at a loss of what is your priority, type in your request on the live chat and let our support find the best solution. When you are done, proceed further:

  • Click on the service you chose and select the parameters. It can be the number of levels and runs or the amount of floors.
  • Add the item to the basket and proceed to the check-out.
  • If you were not previously registered, indicate the contact information and select the platform where you wish to communicate. It can be Discord, Skype, Telegram, and others. 
  • Pick the most suitable payment option, We accept various payment systems from Stripe, G2G, to PayPal and others. Depending on the region, you can pay with Euros and US dollars.
  • After the payment, our operator will contact you and discuss the details of your order.

We suggest you 2 game modes of how we can perform the service:

  • Piloted
  • Self-played.

The first one needs your confirmation to use your gamer’s account to accomplish the mission. You do not need to worry about anything, because we use VPN to log into the account. Your data will not be endangered in any way. As a bonus, you get to watch our performance for free. 

The second option implies that you get to play, but our boosters will provide you with their knowledge and advice, so you succeed. Keep in mind that this way of carrying out the service takes a lot more time to complete the order, so you better use the piloted mode. 

Buy Genshin Impact Boost Right Now

If you buy CakeBoost Impact boosting services today, you can get a 10% off the initial price. Register and create an account to receive your 300 Cake coins bonus. Spend it on your next purchase. You can even save more money by buying packages of coins to cover 50% of your orders’ prices. Subscribe and receive our latest news and updates, sales and discount information.

We also offer our registered customers to place a referral link and tell about us on social network. If your friends make their first buy-out, you can receive 10% cash back. Do not waste your time and make your purchase while our offers still stand.