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Genshin Impact farming services help players progress through the game without undue fuss. They do so by securing the resources needed to level up characters and items. CakeBoost offers a range of farming services. Some involve making use of time-limited opportunities like hangout events. Others are focused on repeatable actions like boss kills. We can also collect specific resources like Mora, the game’s main currency. Our customers can rest assured that they will not miss out on any rewards while avoiding the hassle of farming them in person.

We Care About Your Safety

Secure Payment
Secure Payment
  • We do not store your payment details on our servers
  • Our website complies with all security standards and SSL protocol
  • Only verified payment methods are used on our website
Account Safety
Account Safety
  • 01 Are there any risks?

    In order to secure your account we ALWAYS use VPN accurately within your city and country. Secondly, since we use the most reliable ways of security you may be sure that your gold and miscellaneous achievements are properly stored. Thirdly, we never ask our client’s secret question for the account. And finally we do not pay our coaches until your order has been completed.

  • 02 Does my account need to be unlocked?

    Depends on the option of service you choose. If you choose the selfplayed option for order completion then your account shouldn’t be unlocked.

  • 03 Do I lose the access to my account during the order process?

    We guarantee the security for your personal account information. That means that all information we have from you couldn’t be shared to anybody else except our company. However, once our player is on your account you don’t have the opportunity to play simultaneously, that's why we ask our clients before order start to make a schedule for convenient playing for both sides.


Our goal is to earn the trust of our clients that is why we always warn about all possible risks and look for a solution to each client's question.

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Our company policy is taking care of our clients. Our customer care team is always available to help you with any issue at any time.

Money-Back Guarantee
Money-Back Guarantee

You can request a full refund if the service has not yet started. Otherwise, you may receive a partial refund, depending on current order fulfillment, service replacement, or Cakeboost store credit (your choice).

High Trust Score
High Trust Score

The high level of trust is based on the many reviews from our clients over the years. You can see our rating on Trustpilot.

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The vast majority of our services are selfplayed and always handmade. Your personal information will not be provided to anybody but our coaches to deliver the services.
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Easy navigation on the website. Assistance during all steps of order placement.
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The lowest prices are only for our customers. Hot offers, good discounts, bundles - all that you can find on Cakeboost!
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About Genshin Impact Farming Service Carry Offers

In Genshin Impact, bosses are unique enemies that are noticeably harder to defeat than regular enemies but drop valuable items and materials. Conventionally, they can be divided into the elite (world) and weekly bosses. The latter can only be fought once a week. As you progress through the game and achieve more adventure ranks and upgrades, the more demanding bosses are waiting to meet you. For some gamers, it is hard to deal with such characters. However, defeating strong bosses will grant you more Mora, artifacts, and enhancements for your armor and other valuables.

There are places in the game that can provide players with many valuable findings. In return, they offer more demanding challenges. Players do not need to cope with such complicated tasks they do not wish to fulfill. Simply order the new CakeBoost Genshin Farming Services and let our experienced gamers help you. We take on any mission and farm as many bosses or resources as you need.

What Can I Get With Genshin Impact Farming?

Buy Genshin Bosses & Farm boost, and all the loot we gain on our way will be yours. Besides, we can get you:

  • Additional resin;
  • Resources & Currencies;
  • Adventure XP;
  • Companionship XP;
  • Anema;
  • Massive amount of artifacts;
  • Loot to level up the character, like different treasure stones.

Purchase Genshin Bosses & Farm service and get boosted today. Also, you might get interested in our other services for the game:

  • If you need to skip some levels, try our new Genshin Powerleveling service. Our boosters deliver your characters to the level you require without any trouble.
  • Some fans of this game do not wish to invest precious time in pursuing the line of the character. We can do it for you. Order Genshin Story boost, and you get to keep all the loot we earn and find during that mission.
  • Building a solid reputation is crucial, but not each player is eager to go for it. All you have to do is to try our great Genshin City Reputations boosting. It helps players take missions from citizens and earn a powerful reputation with all the additional rewards.
  • The game offers more complex tasks while you step up the levels. The Domains directory can provide you with some rewards and hide the others, so you have to wait. With Genshin Spiral Abyss & Domains boost, our players will find the loot you are eager to get quickly and professionally done. Purchase it today and enjoy all the bonuses we currently offer.

Why Should You Choose Сakeboost?

We have provided services for players for over 5 years and understand what they want to achieve with our assistance. Besides, we regularly update the services on our website, so our customers can seek our help with the latest missions and raids. We also have other treats to offer our users.

  • Around a Clock Customer Support. If you need our help with the services, simply use our live chat. We welcome our visitors as soon as they enter. Support operators are ready to talk and guide you at any convenient time. Direct them to questions of any complexity and receive concise and clear recommendations and advice.
  • Unique Bonus System and Discount. We know how to help you save more money. Register an account and start gathering our in-service currency for each new purchase. CakeBoost also has many exciting discount offers. Subscribe to our news and be the first one to know.
  • Order Customization. We try to keep up with gaming market trends, and even our most demanding customers can rely on our assistance. If you do not see a service suitable to your needs, message our support team. Explain to them what kind of help you need, and they will come up with a solution and a reasonable price.
  • Qualified Boosters. All our gaming specialists are PROs. They have relevant experience and can deliver your order as it was negotiated. We choose each booster carefully, according to your requirements, and with exceptional knowledge of the game.
  • Absolute Data Protection. The CakeBoost team carries out the order with a premium VPN. We also provide new and safe SSL certificates to protect each transaction from leakage to third parties. So be sure all your information and the data about your gamer's account stay safe and untouched.
  • Delivery on Time. Before the actual service, we have to establish the time of delivery. Sometimes, it can be negotiable, for example, if your order is not standard. Mostly we have an ETA under each service description, so our users can understand how fast they can get the result. But keep in mind that we are open to discussions.
  • Attractive Prices. We attentively observe the market and try to comply with it. That is why you can order many of our services at a price of a cup of coffee. CakeBoost also makes sales and offers discounts so that an average gamer can purchase our services.

How Do Genshin Impact Farming Services Work?

It is easy to place an order. The interface is intuitive, and you must do regular shopping. Follow the steps:

  • Find what service you need. In case you have difficulties, apply to our support.
  • Set the parameters. Sometimes, it can be the number of levels you have to skip or the number of runs.
  • Drop the item in the basket and go to check out.
  • Select a payment system. Here you may see the top popular methods like Skrill, G2G, and PayPal.
  • Confirm the transfer.
  • Leave your contacts and indicate the information about yourself if you are making your first order.
  • Find us on Discord, Skype, or Telegram.

Our manager would offer you two game modes. The team can accomplish your mission for you if you pick a piloted option. Or you can do it yourself with our hints and assistance if you choose a self-play. The piloted mode would need your gamer's account data, so the team can log in and control your character. Do not worry; all your previously earned mora and armor are safe. Our professional boosters will only make your collection bigger. Order Genshin Bosses & Farm boosting service to skip the spots that make you disappoint, and watch a free stream of how we covered your mission.

Buy Genshin Impact Farming Right Now

You can buy Genshin Bosses & Farm boost or any other services today cheaper with our 10% off coupon. Subscribe to know news about the latest released services and sales, and receive a promo code for an additional 10% discount for any assistance. CakeBoost also grants loyal customers an opportunity to save more money. Register an account, fulfill the profile and receive your first 300 CakeCoins as a welcome bonus. Use them to cover up to 50% of your next purchase. Each of your paid orders will bring you 5% cashback. If you are interested in our referral program, there is a generated link on your account page. Copy it and tell about your experience on social media. If your friends decide to use our help, you will get 10% cashback. So buy Genshin Bosses & Farm boost now, and be a part of our bonus system.

FAQ about Genshin Bosses & Farm Boosting

How Many Bosses Can I Farm?

The game has a lot to offer, which is why you would encounter at least one boss to defeat each week. However, if you do not wish to spend your powers on such a small challenge, place an order, and the CakeBoost team can do it for you. First, order our newest Genshin Weekly Bosses Defeat service. Then, go on with more attractive tasks while CakeBoost works out the bosses and brings you more rewards.

What are the Most Challenging Bosses to Farm?

It is Dvalin - the first boss you meet in the game and the Golden Wolford. Both need a great strategy and time to defeat them. However, there are plenty of other great bosses whose farming will bring you even more trophies. If you do not wish to waste time getting to the hunt right now, order a Genshin Character Leveling boost, so the Cekaboost team will help you reach the needed level to find your enemy faster.

How Can I Get 5-star Artifacts?

To find the artifacts, you need to reach the 45th domain level, though since the Domain instances are changeable, you might need time till the required artifact appear. The CakeBoost is here to assist you. So order Genshin Domains Clear boosting, and let us find the 5-star artifacts or other loot for you.

What are the Greatest Places to Farm Trophies?

The game provides a lot of locations where you can find a huge number of rewards. For example, Spiral Abyss Dungeons are one such place. It gives you many hidden treasures and brings you even more tips after you defeat a boss. If the mission is challenging for you, our experienced players can make it possible. Buy Genshin Spiral Abyss Floors 1-12 service to cover the tasks, get a higher AR and earn more artifacts and treasures.