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Hearthstone Adventures Boost

Adventure boosts let you collect all the rewards from Hearthstone’s single-player Adventures without having to deal with their complicated mechanics yourself. CakeBoost allows you to order the completion of as many of the existing Adventures as you want, as well as the completion of specific Wings within them. Our professional players will play through the specified content as quickly and efficiently as possible, giving you access to unique rewards such as class-specific card packs and exclusive cosmetics.

Hearthstone Adventures Boost

Buy Hearthstone Adventures Boost

Adventures in Hearthstone opens access to new and unique cards that you can’t get any other way. As you walk through HS adventures, you increase your level and improve your rating. If you can’t go through the HS adventures on your own, we will be your guide. Heartstone Adventure boost service is created for you. Having problem with closing the quarter or kill the boss in Kobolds and Catacombs or Challenge Withwood? Have no time to finish the adventure and need new maps now? Contact our Cakeboost HS team. We will boost all the quarters, kill bosses and open access to a new level of the game. Buy Heartstone Adventure boost service, and don’t waste time trying to kill a new boss.

You will get such bonuses as:

  • New adventure that will open new gorgeous cards;
  • Access to the following quarter;
  • Legendary adventure cards at low price;
  • Normal/Heroic mode adventures;
  • A special card back for gaining heroic level.
  • Open class cards to get an advantage in the game with other players.
  • Buy the Heartstone Adventure boost service and get through one of the our adventures of the game. You will get prizes and bonuses and unlock new levels and features of the mode.