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Hearthstone Services Boost

Other services for Hearthstone from CakeBoost include rare cosmetic unlocks, daily quest farming, and the acquisition of your full standard deck. They enable you to play the game your way from the start in terms of both aesthetics and mechanics without having to waste time and energy on unnecessary busywork. Our professional players will simply take those tasks off your hands and complete them as efficiently as possible, freeing you to focus on the content you like.

Hearthstone Services Boost

Buy Hearthstone Services Boost 

Hearthstone is full of much different content, interesting game modes, countless amounts of quests and various unlockables.   Some of such content can take a lot of player’s time to examine and master.

Cakeboost brings a wide variety of different Hearthstone boosting services. Among other specific categories like ranking and coaching, we have special «Other Services», full of different boosts for any type of needs.

All Standard Deck Access – an option for new Hearthstone players who want to unlock all standard carts for their Deck. You also get hero leveling with this service and you can choose a specific hero or all available heroes to be boosted.

Daily Quests Boost – Hearthstone has a Daily Quests system. For completing daily quests you are rewarded with various amounts of gold that can be used later for buying different in-game items. Our boosters will help you to complete the necessary number of quests.

Prince Arthas Boost – Prince Arthas is a rare Hearthstone hero for the paladin class. In order to unlock it, you have to complete the final single-player mission in Knights of the Frozen Throne addon, and our team is ready to help you with that.

Lady Liadrin Boost – Lady Liadrin is another hero also for paladin class. To unlock it you need to get to 20 levels in World of Warcraft on the same account. If you do not like WoW – this is a perfect service for you.

HotS Card Back Boost – this is a special cosmetic item for your deck. To obtain HotS Card Back Boost, you need to acquire 12 levels in Heroes of The Storm on the same account on which you play Hearthstone.

Our team of professional boosters is ready to help you with any type of task regardless of its difficulty. You will get your result quickly and all services will be executed efficiently as fast as possible. 

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