Hearthstone Golden Heroes Boost: Buy Best Price Carry with Boosting Service CakeBoost

Hearthstone Golden Heroes Boost

Golden Hero services present a simple way to level up your characters in Hearthstone and unlock the flashiest cosmetics for them. In addition to unlocking the Golden Hero frame, CakeBoost offers a service to reach the desired level with any class, unlocking basic cards, Golden card skins, and many other rewards. Our professional players will collect the required amount of wins with the character class or classes that you specify, giving you a profile to be proud of in very little time.

Hearthstone Golden Heroes Boost

Buy Hearthstone Golden Heroes Boost

Have you ever noticed beautiful characters on the Golden frame? Do you think that’s nearly unreachable? To become one of the best, you have to spend many weeks in the game, playing against high-rated gamers, gaining the rating mode wins. But you can skip this step: Contact us and get yourself the Heartstone gold heroes boost service. 

To become one of the Golden heroes, you have to gain 500 wins in rating mode. That is not easy and requires a lot of time. But why wait? Get the Heartstone gold heroes boost service right away! 

Our team will make you the Golden HS hero.

Buying our Heartstone gold heroes boost service, you are guaranteed to get bonuses:

  • Get the amount of victories you need and don’t pay more. You can gain as many wins as you need.
  • Rapid evolve. We will get you 500 wins in just 14 days or even less.
  • Get the gold cards of your class once you will get the highest level!
  • Animation of the portrait. Stand out among other gamers!
  • Special card for getting the Heroic lvl.
  • Open the class card to get the advantages in the battle.