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Hearthstone Daily Quests Boost

Hearthstone Daily Quests Boost

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Buy Hearthstone Daily Quests Boost

Daily quests are the most common way to earn experience in Hearthstone. As such, they are essential for raising hero class levels, which is required to unlock new cards and cosmetics. However, those quests tend to be somewhat simple and repetitive, turning leveling into a chore. With the help of Cakeboost’s speedy and reliable service, you could reap their benefits without having to deal with the grind.

You will get:

  • The selected amount of daily quests completed with the class(es) of your choice;
  • All rewards from completed quests and gained levels.

ETA: depends on the number of selected dailies

With the arrival of Patch in November 2020, experience replaced Gold as the reward for completing all quests in Hearthstone. This has tied Daily Quests even more closely to character progression. Leveling up your hero classes is especially critical for the first 10 levels, as this is how you unlock half of your class’s basic cards. As well, you must have at least one level 20 hero to gain access to the Tavern Brawl game mode. Advancing beyond level 10 unlocks rarer golden versions of regular cards, which come with opulent frames and animated effects, serving as impressive status symbols in a match.

After finishing your first four games in Play mode, you will gain access to Daily Quests. As their name suggests, you will be able to get one Daily Quest per day; however, you can have up to three active Daily Quests at a time. Those quests typically involve simple, but tedious tasks, such as playing a number of games or using enough cards of a certain type. While some of them may be fulfilled easily enough, pursuing others could seriously complicate your strategy, making it harder to win games.

CakeBoost offers a way to save yourself some time, as well as energy and nerves. Simply reach out to us and let us know how many quests you want to complete. You can specify whether you want to level a specific class. Our pro-boosters will take care of everything for you, completing the required number of quests in the quickest, most efficient way possible and freeing you to enjoy your new unlock grind-free.