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League Of Legends Matches Boost

Match boosts can ease your way through League of Legends’ progression system at every step of the way. CakeBoost offers services for completion solo and duo normal matches, allowing you to improve your initial matchmaking rating with the help of a professional booster or by entrusting them with the whole task. You can also receive placement and promotion match boosts needed to advance up the ranked ladder. Our players will complete any task as efficiently as they can, swiftly freeing you to play the game your way without worrying about advancement.

League Of Legends Matches Boost

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League of Legends does not open all its content for new players. Each new type of matches needs to be earned through the completion of more boring types, that way the player can get used to the game and get acquainted with its mechanics more gradually. First, there is only one opportunity to play against AI, after that come Normal Matches, Placement Matches, and finally Ranking games. If at any of these stages you start to feel routine strangling you, consider purchasing service by CakeBoost. Here you can read a short description of each service-connected with the completion of specific types of matches, for more detailed information visit individual service pages.

Normal games are one of the first types unlocked and probably represent the easiest games that you will face. Due to that fact, these matches can become a monotonous routine for you because a decent amount of such matches is necessary to open all the other possibilities the game has to offer. In this case, we have a special service just for you, if you buy Normal Solo Matches you will get the desired amount of Normal matches completed with zero effort and will be able to progress the game faster.

There is another similar service. If you do not feel fully confident in your skills, you might want to get some guidance while completing normal games on your own. The whole process of adaptation can become significantly much easier if you have an experienced player by your side. He can explain the game mechanics in great detail while still making his input in a successful outcome. To get all that you can buy the Normal Duo Matches Service.

When you have managed to get through all these Normal games or started a new season, here comes the time to deal with 10 Placement Matches. Completion of the seasonal Placement Matches will determine your initial Division and in this case, specifically, a good start is a very important factor. If you want to get a decent position in rating right away, you might want to consider purchasing a Placement Matches Service. Our Boosters will complete the needed number of placement matches and make sure you will be pleased with your position in the rating.

When you get to the point of ranked games and progress successfully, you will have to deal with Promotion games, which represent a way to prove that you really deserve to get to the next rank. There is also a specific service that was designed for players who would like to quickly and safely complete the Promotion Games Series of 5 matches. In this case, our experts will help you complete the Promotion Games Series rapidly and efficiently, so will not have to stress over the fact of whether you will be successful at getting a new rank.

Our boosters will make sure you get what you want in the shortest possible period. You will get your desired number of games completed along with any rewards that were acquired during the service execution.