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About Account Boost in LoL

Raising your League of Legends Account Level is absolutely essential to progress in the MOBA. Many important features are locked away behind certain levels, including Ranked mode. Even after all features are unlocked, leveling is necessary for users to claim unique cosmetics. To upgrade their Accounts, players need to play and finish matches. Reaching the desired level can be a huge and grueling undertaking. Rather than invest their own playtime, players can order LoL Account Boosting services from CakeBoost. A professional booster can level up a player profile quickly and without any trouble for its owner!


  • Selected number of levels
  • All rewards received during the proccess


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What Can I Get With League of Legends Account Boosting?

Customers who choose our boost Account League of Legends services can count on rapidly reaching the specified level. Depending on the chosen level, they will also receive the following benefits:

  • Unlocked gameplay features, including access to Ranked Play and cosmetic Hextech Crafting;
  • New Summoner spells that can grant a mechanical advantage;
  • Unique cosmetic items, containers, and currencies;
  • Any other rewards acquired while leveling, including achievement progression and currency awards.

In addition to League account boosting, we offer a variety of other LoL Boosting services. Our most popular offerings include ranked play boosts that enable clients to skip to their preferred division and a service for swiftly completing all placement matches. Our assistance also extends to the Teamfight Tactics autobattler. We also employ LoL Coaches that can help customers attain better LoL player skills and answer questions about any aspect of the game.

Why Should You Choose Сakeboost?

  • We do our best to keep boosted accounts safe by drawing on cutting-edge HTTPS encryption and VPN data redirection, as well as security best practices;
  • Each League of Legends account boost is handled by a vetted specialist with plenty of experience boosting League of Legends accounts;
  • Our support team may be consulted whenever necessary and over multiple channels, including website live chat and Discord;
  • Our paid League of Legends account boosting carries all come at reasonable prices that are further lowered by frequent discounts.

How Do LoL Account Boosting Services Work?

  • Choose the intended level, then click “buy”;
  • Finish purchasing the boosting service in the shopping cart;
  • Work out the boosting schedule and any special requests with our staff;
  • Allow our booster to assume control at the agreed-upon time and wait for the service to be completed;
  • Optionally, follow the progress using free streaming.

FAQ about Account Boost in LoL

Q: How long does leveling up a LoL account to 30 take?

A: For the ordinary player, it may take as much as 250 hours of playtime to reach that level using Normal Games. Account boosting League of Legends is quicker due to experienced players.

Q: What is the fastest way to boost a LoL profile?

A: Depending on player skill, either playing bot matches for reliable win XP or PvP matches. Coaching is recommended for newcomers attempting the latter.

Q: If I boost League of Legends account here, will I rank up?

A: Level boosting is normally done with unranked games. To rank up, order a Division Boost.

Q: Can I request boosting to be done using ranked matches?

A: We try to accommodate all special requests, but it may be simpler to purchase Ranked Wins boosting instead.