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Champion Mastery Boost
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Buy Champion Mastery Boost 

The Champion Mastery System is a smart and comprehensive system that evaluates your gaming performance. The dream of each player is to have a full range of champions of the highest category, so that regardless of the chosen role, 7 Tier Badge will always shine proudly on your chest... The dream of achieving such a high level for each of the available characters is now real. For this purpose, our CakeBoost team has developed a specialized service, designed to lead you into the highest ranks. Buy Champion Mastery Boost and let our specialists take care of everything and just enjoy the brilliant result!


  • The chosen Tier for any champion
  • Influence points
  • Normal Games completion


  • 6-7 days for one champion

What Can I Get With Champion Mastery Boost?

Customers who buy  Champion Mastery LoL boosting services from CakeBoost will receive the following:

  • Enough LoL Champion Mastery points or tokens to reach their desired LoL Champion Mastery rank with the specified Legend;
  • Rewards attached to Masteries for LoL Champions, including special emotes and banners;
  • Additional benefits unlocked during the boost, such as currency awards, achievement progress, or cosmetics.

In addition to Masteries of Champions League of Legends, we offer assorted carries through the LoL Boosting catalog on CakeBoost’s website. For example, Account Boost LoL services allow customers to upgrade accounts quickly. Furthermore, we employ professional LoL coaches.

Why Should You Choose Сakeboost?

  • Mastery Champion Points League of Legends services are carried out by vetted booster specialists;
  • Boosted League of Legends accounts are safeguarded with VPN and HTTPS encryption and order security measures;
  • Customers can contact our support team whenever they wish over multiple communications channels, such as live chat, e-mail, and Discord;
  • All our prices are reasonable and subject to frequent discounts.

FAQ about Champion Mastery Boosting

Q: What does Champion Mastery do?

A: Champion Mastery denotes a player’s success playing a particular character and grants exclusive cosmetic rewards.

Q: What is the highest Champion Mastery tier?

A: The seventh tier, which represents the pinnacle of skill that players may require Coaching to achieve.

Q: How do I reach Tier Seven?

A: Unlike the first five tiers, the final two cannot be attained using Champion Mastery Points LoL. To skip to them, would-be masters would need to acquire tokens in Ranked or Normal Games.

Q: Does Champion Mastery reset every season?

A: No. While you will need to play Placement Matches to resume your place in the rankings, there is no such requirement for this mechanic.