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​​​​​​​Clash is a tournament mode introduced by League of Legends. Teams of matching levels compete with each other, with each team being composed of five members. Clash has been a sure and prominent way for LoL players to raise their rank and gain valuable prizes for tournaments they won. League of Legends Clash Tournament is favored by many players as they bring numerous rewards, customization options such as Ward Skins, and most importantly, Victory Points. VPs are used to unlock various showcases of a player’s combat achievements, which will undoubtedly gain fellow combatants’ respect and ensure the one becomes the desired acquisition for any team. Buy League Of Legends Clash Boost Carry Service by CakeBoost and receive a unique experience with 100% guarantee and security.


  • Selected number of games
  • All the Clash rewards obtained during the process, including Victory Points, Orb and Capsules


  • flexible

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