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Best League of Legends Coaching Service
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Find the Best Coach for Live Training in League of Legends

League of Legends is one of the most popular games in the world. It is also extremely difficult to master, resulting in a huge skill gap between different players. With over a hundred characters wielding unique abilities, it is easy to see why newcomers and veterans alike can struggle to fully enjoy this MOBA. That is why League of Legends coaching services exist. By purchasing LoL coaching services from CakeBoost, gamers can invest directly into their progress as League of Legends players and receive expert guidance from the finest LoL coaches.


  • Selected number of hours of play with a coach
  • Any rewards received during the boost


  • 1-5 hours

What Can I Get With LoL Coach?

Buy LoL coaching to book the desired amount of hours with a paid professional LoL coach. Here are just some coaching LoL options we can offer:

  • Live training with coach assistance in any League of Legends mode. In addition to learning, customers will retain progression and currency rewards;
  • In-depth theory sessions that should answer all questions about character builds and tactics;
  • LoL Challenger coaching, a specialized course that will enable learners to reach and retain the ultimate rank;
  • LoL Support coaching or similar courses for any role, covering absolutely every aspect of how to excel in those positions.

Our customers are always free to choose the exact topics and training formats they want. We will accommodate their wishes as we help them learn to play better. We also offer extensive LoL Boosting services for those who want to skip the more tedious parts of the MOBA’s progression. In particular, our Account Boost LoL services would allow buyers to fully upgrade their accounts quickly, unlocking new gameplay options and further rewards.

Why Should You Choose Сakeboost?

  • CakeBoost’s coaches are vetted professionals who can meet your every need;
  • Our support team is always available for consultations over multiple channels, including live chat and Discord;
  • We offer highly competitive prices for our services

How Do League of Legends Coaching Services Work?

  • Choose the desired amount of coaching hours;
  • Press “buy” and finalize the order in the shopping cart;
  • Discuss desired topics, schedule, and other details with our staff;
  • Show up as scheduled and enjoy your session!

Buy LoL Coaches Services Right Now

We always try to present opportunities for savings to all categories of clients. Newcomers to the best LoL coaching site are eligible for a 10% bonus on their first purchase. Repeat customers can spend bonus points to reduce costs. There are also temporary but frequent special offers. Do not miss out on the opportunity for cheap top-notch coaching!

FAQ about LoL Coaching

Q: How much does a League of Legends coach cost?

A: As with other services like Normal Games, that depends on the size of the purchase (hours) and active discounts.

Q: Who is the best League of Legends coach?

A: That depends on the trainee’s in-game objectives, but we can provide elite coaches for everything from Champion Mastery to Ranked Wins.

Q: Where can I find League of Legends coaches?

A: On websites like this one. In addition to coaching, we offer boosting services ranging from Placement Matches completion to Teamfight Tactics progression.

Q: How much do League of legends coaches make?

A: That depends on their level of expertise, as reflected in their Duo or Solo Queue Division Rank.