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Buy Elo Boost Duo Queue

The ranks in League of Legends from lowest to highest are as follows.

  • Iron rank
  • Bronze rank
  • Silver rank
  • Gold rank
  • Platinum rank
  • Diamond rank 
  • Master rank 
  • Grandmaster rank
  • Challenger rank

This service is an interim solution, a kind of "hybrid" of Boosting and Coaching. You’ll play from your account. A professional will accompany you all along the service execution. His presence is aimed on helping you to improve your performance, as well as to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Our experienced specialist will carefully monitor your game, analyzing your every move, choice, step, priority... In addition, since you’ll fight next to a high-class player, your progress will be accelerated greatly, which, no doubt, will well affect your sense of self-motivation for further self-improvement. Next to him you’ll score as many victories in matches as necessary. You’ll be able to communicate with your coach, ask questions you are interested in, focus on those aspects of game performance that you consider most important. Don’t underestimate the effectiveness of training on a good example: watching the work of the master, you can learn a lot of new things for yourself and better understand the intricacies of the game. After you take our training course and taking all the advice of your personal coach into account, you’ll achieve improvement in equipment, ability to navigate, confidently assess the situation and quickly make the right tactical and strategic decisions. Your progress will accelerate; you’ll become a more confident, theoretically perceptive player. All this will open for you new horizons of game experience, the existence of which you did not even guess. Open in yourself the real potential. Let yourself develop. Know the power hidden inside you!

Our coaches will allow you to achieve incredible results, because they are all carefully selected from the best of the best! Each of them is a game fan and enthusiast who has thoroughly studied all its nuances, pitfalls, aspects... Our coaches have a variety of techniques and approaches that will allow our manager to choose a performer that is perfect for your requirements. Our coaches have THAT what you need for successful development: experience! Assembled bit by bit, it was not easy for our professionals; now they are ready to share it with YOU!

In order to participate in the training process and purchase this service, Ranked Games series must be unlocked; this means that you need to complete the seasonal Placement Matches series. If you didn’t do it by the moment, use the appropriate service from CakeBoost: Placement Matches Boost Service.

Execution Politics:

All our services are designed in a way to achieve the perfect balance between efficiency, speed of execution, and an affordable price.

We believe in personal approach, feedback and maximum transparency in the execution of services. You can discuss your order with our managers in detail, and we will be very attentive to all the details so that

you get exactly what you need. After all the details of the order have been discussed and approved, we will select the most suitable executor for you. During the execution of the service, you can personally control the process and receive comments in order to clarify unclear moments.

Our carefully selected specialists, the best of the best, experts and enthusiasts of the game, are the real masters of their work, perfectly equipped, oriented in the game and aimed at the rapid and effective achievement of the goal. We use only high quality equipment to achieve the best results!

Your security is our highest priority: we value our customer’s account safety high, all our services are safe and available for everyone across the World. We have no limits!

With the CakeBoost team, you are in safe hands. Take the first step, try and evaluate the effectiveness of services, as well as the speed and high quality of performance! We will do everything to make you satisfied with our work... And come back again and again!

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