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About LoL Duo Boosting Offers

League of Legends Duo boosting is the most efficient and popular method of reaching a higher rank. By playing alongside a paid professional who is better at the game, customers can progress much more quickly than they would otherwise. Unlike those who try to play with random partners, League duo boosting users can always count on skillful assistance. In contrast to solo carries, a LoL Duo queue boost provides the buyer with an opportunity to upgrade their skills. CakeBoost’s Duo boosting League of Legends services are the best way to advance in ranked mode.


  • Desired rank in the duo queue;
  • All rewards received during the boost


  • flexible

What Can I Get With A LoL Duo Boost?

Those who invest in a League of Legends Duo boost will receive the following rewards:

  • Duo queue Elo boost to the desired rank (up to Master);
  • Rewards acquired during the Duo Queue LoL boost, including currency awards, unique cosmetics, and account progression.

We offer a variety of other helpful LoL Boosting services. For instance, by purchasing Account Boost LoL services, customers can skip to a higher account level with more features. CakeBoost also employs LoL Coaches that can greatly improve player skills and answer all relevant questions.

Why Should You Choose Сakeboost?

  • We safeguard boosted accounts using cutting-edge HTTPS encryption and VPN data redirection, as well as proven security measures;
  • Each boosting service is handled by an experienced and thoroughly vetted Elo boost Duo queue specialist;
  • Our support team is always available for free consultations and progress updates over website live chat, Discord, and other channels;
  • We offer highly competitive prices that are reduced further by various discounts.

How Do League of Legends Duo Boosting Services Work?

  • Choose the starting and desired ranks plus any other options you need, then click “buy”;
  • Confirm the order in the shopping cart;
  • Arrange the boosting schedule and special requests with our staff;
  • Join the League of Legends Duo queue according to the schedule and begin playing with our booster;
  • Remember to leave feedback via TrustPilot to help us improve our League of Legends boosting services further.

FAQ about LoL Duo Boosting

Q: Why should I get Duo boost League of Legends boosting services instead of Solo?

A: While the Solo queue division rank boosting advances buyers to a higher rank faster, this service presents huge advantages for many players. It lets customers retain control over their accounts, enjoy the game with competent partners, and learn from their skills.

Q: Will this service improve my wins stats?

A: Almost certainly, since our booster will make victories more likely. However, Ranked Wins boosting would be more efficient if that is your priority.

Q: Can I get a partnered queue boost for placements?

A: Unless you have never ranked before, it should be possible to enter Placements with a partner. Consult our staff about Placement Matches boosting options.

Q: Is this service going away because two-player queuing will be removed?

A: While developers Riot Games have stated they are considering removing this option from League of Legends, they have not absolutely confirmed it as of this writing. If that happens, we will adjust our Division Boost offerings accordingly. Until then, our service continues.