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Buy League Of Legends (LoL) Elo Solo Queue Division Rank Boost

Buy League Of Legends (LoL) Elo Solo Queue Division Rank Boost

Rewards and description

Our professional players will help you not only complete the desired Solo Queue Division but also coach you how you should behave in all encounters. Learn all tips and tricks for your class from real game gurus.

Buy LOL Solo Queue Division Service:

The ranks in League of Legends from lowest to highest are as follows.

  • Iron rank
  • Bronze rank
  • Silver rank
  • Gold rank
  • Platinum rank
  • Diamond rank 
  • Master rank 
  • Grandmaster rank
  • Challenger rank

You are a lone wolf on the merciless fields of League of Legends. Undoubtedly, this makes you vulnerable compared to organized teams. A strong helping hand that compensates for the flaws that often accompany solo gaming would be helpful... For this purpose, a radical, extreme, most effective solution is needed - only victory, one after the other, without the right to make mistakes. What is this service? Well, this service is special. It is complex in execution, since the tasks for which it is intended are really great. As part of this service, our professional will take control of your account in order to win many victories in a row in a fight with worthy, strong opponents. All this in order to increase the hidden indicator MMR, on which depends how many points you earn per one victory, which, in turn, greatly affects the speed of your development and transition to higher levels. All this must be achieved as soon as possible. However, for CakeBoost, there are no impossible tasks, and we can do it. All this - without any significant costs on your part: you don’t have to invest time and effort into the game. Leave the hard part to professional and just enjoy the BRILLIANT result!

Solo Queue Elo Boost Service Solves Such Problems As:

LONG WAIT FOR THE START OF THE MATCH: the game system tries to find such a rival so that his MMR score is similar to yours. In theory, this is done in order to compensate for the imbalance among potential rivals, but in fact this leads to the fact that you have to spend a lot of time waiting for a suitable opponent. This is not the most exciting pastime... Typically, the wait lasts 5+ minutes, and at the Master level, the wait can go up to 20 minutes. And that’s a lot! Fortunately, our professionals use “Fastpass”: in this way, you don’t waste your time (and money) on unnecessary waiting.
AN UNEQUAL BATTLE: if you play alone, trying to make your own way to the top by yourself, meeting a cohesive, well-coordinated team can be a big problem. An organized team has enormous advantages over a randomly assembled team of “singles”. However, our specialists are so cool that no organized groupings are terrible: skill is the main advantage of our employees... And this means yours too! Choosing CakeBoost, you choose the BEST. You’ll quickly feel it yourself.
SLOW SCORING AND SLOW DEVELOPMENT: for lone gamers, speed of development or rank gaining is often a sore point... Many factors beyond your control have a strong influence on the speed of development: for example, gamers who happen to be on your team. But, again, the main weapon of our master – EXPERIENCE – is powerful enough to compensate for these independent random factors.

In order to participate in the training process and purchase this service, Ranked Games series must be unlocked; this means that you need to complete the seasonal Placement Matches series. If you didn’t do it by the moment, use the appropriate service from CakeBoost: Placement Matches Boost Service.

Execution Politics:

All our services are designed in a way to achieve the perfect balance between efficiency, speed of execution, and an affordable price.

We believe in personal approach, feedback and maximum transparency in the execution of services. You can discuss your order with our managers in detail, and we will be very attentive to all the details so that you get exactly what you need. After all the details of the order have been discussed and approved, we will select the most suitable executor for you. During the execution of the service, you can personally control the process and receive comments in order to clarify unclear moments.

Our carefully selected specialists, the best of the best, experts and enthusiasts of the game, are the real masters of their work, perfectly equipped, oriented in the game and aimed at the rapid and effective achievement of the goal. We use only high quality equipment to achieve the best results!

Your security is our highest priority: we value our customer’s account safety high, all our services are safe and available for everyone across the World. We have no limits!

With the CakeBoost team, you are in safe hands. Take the first step, try and evaluate the effectiveness of services, as well as the speed and high quality of performance! We will do everything to make you satisfied with our work... And come back again and again!

Become a part of our team. Become a member of our CakeBoost family. Start your journey to the new gaming experience today.