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Buy LoL Ranked Wins 

​​​​​​​Ranked wins boost service is the perfect solution for overcoming the stopper in your gaming development. When purchasing this service, you can determine the number of necessary victories independently and get exactly as much as you need for the best result. Are you stuck in a division that you think is a past stage, or do you want to improve your MMR performance? Ranked wins boost service is exactly what you need. Losing a game during the service means that booster will have to play extra games. This means that if the booster has lost 3 games out of 10, then he will complete three more wins. As a result, you will get 13 completed games. Buy LoL Ranked Wins Boost and get fast and efficient completion of wins in any division.


  • Desired number of ranked wins;
  • Improved statistics
  • All rewards received during the boost


  • flexible

What Can I Get With Ranked Wins Boost?

Clients who buy  a Ranked Wins Boost boost from CakeBoost can expect the following benefits:

  • The specified amount of victories at any competitive rank;
  • Improved win rate Ranked League of Legends stats;
  • LP and ranked progress earned from victories;
  • XP and account levels obtained through the win XP boost LoL gives to victors;
  • Further rewards acquired during the service, such as currency awards or cosmetics.

We also offer many other LoL Boosting services. For example, customers can use Account Boost LoL services to quickly earn XP needed to upgrade their accounts. Meanwhile, CakeBoost’s LoL coaches can improve our customers’ skills to the professional level.

Why Should You Choose Сakeboost?

  • We protect boosted LoL accounts with the latest HTTPS and VPN technologies and proven security methods;
  • Each of our carries is handled by an expert booster who is guaranteed to earn the XP bonus;
  • Our support team may be reached 24/7 over multiple communications channels including website chat, e-mail, and Discord;
  • We set competitive prices that may be lowered further with several types of discounts.

FAQ about Ranked Wins Boosting LoL

Q: Do I have to share my account for LoL win boosting?

A: Yes, because that is more efficient. However, you can always purchase a Duo boost to win games and earn bonus XP with a partner.

Q: What makes a Ranked Wins boost worthwhile?

A: They are one of the most efficient sources of XP for Account Leveling and LP needed to skip to higher ranks.

Q: Can this service result in reaching a higher rank?

A: Of course, although you should order the Solo Queue Division Rank boost to be assured of reaching a specific rank.

Q: Is this service the most efficient method of earning XP?

A: Ranked Wins are roughly equal with Normal Games in that regard, but also offer different rewards.