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Teamfight Tactics Boost

Teamfight Tactics Boost
Iron 4 to Bronze 4
Bronze 4 to Silver 4
Silver 4 to Gold 4
Gold 4 to Platinum 4
Platinum 4 to Diamond 4
Diamond 4 to Master
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Buy Teamfight Tactics Boost 

TFT game includes a complex and thorough ranking system which includes 9 tiers with 6 of them being split into 4 divisions each. The highest 3 tiers, the so-called Apex Tier, which includes Master, Grandmaster and Challenger tiers, are connected to League Points solely. In order to upgrade your rank, you have to gradually raise your League Points through winning over other players in combat, with 100 LPs gained equaling going 1 division up. With that in mind, reaching prestigious and rare Platinum and Diamond Tiers is quite a time-consuming task. Buy Teamfight Tactics Boost by CakeBoost. Our team will ensure to provide you the most efficient and thorough TFT rank boost and grow your League Points exponentially. 


  • Fast and efficient rank boost to the tier and division of your choice
  • All Ranked rewards, achievements and gear gained during the process.


  • flexible

What Can I Get With League of Legends TFT Boost?

Those who buy the Teamfight Tactics Boost from CakeBoost stand to receive the following benefits:

  • A League of Legends TFT boost or series of boosting services to skip to the specified TFT rank and division from any starting point;
  • The opportunity to play at the desired level in the League of Legends autobattler;
  • Any rewards earned in the process of LoL TFT Boosting, including achievement progress, cosmetics, or currency.

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Why Should You Choose Сakeboost?

  • Each LoL TFT Boost order we receive is completed by vetted, competent professionals;
  • We use best security practices and HTTPS and VPN technology to assure the safety of boosted League of Legends accounts;
  • Our support team is always available over multiple communications channels, including live chat, e-mail, and optionally Discord;
  • We set competitive prices for our carries, with discounts for regular customers and frequent special offers.

FAQ about Teamfight Tactics Boost

Q: Can I get a TFT boosting service?

A: Yes. It works just like a normal League of Legends Division Boost.

Q: How can I improve my results in Teamfight Tactics?

A: League of Legends Coaching can help with any aspect of the game, including TFT.

Q: Is it possible to get a Duo service for Teamfight Tactics?

A: Yes. This option is available by request and works similarly to LoL Duo Queue boosting.

Q: Can I receive a Teamfight Tactics service on a level 1 LoL account?

A: Yes. There is no need for LoL Account Leveling boosting to play Teamfight Tactics.