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Lost Ark boosts let players experience all that this exciting MMORPG has to offer without the repetitive and time-consuming grinding. CakeBoost’s boosters can level up and gear up characters efficiently, making it easy for clients to try out the assorted endgame abilities and builds that are the game’s main draw. They are also ready to farm any of a wide variety of instances and activities for special resources and other prizes. Selfplay services are available for those wishing to take on tough content themselves. Custom farming services can be arranged to help buyers keep on top of the MMORPG’s multitude of repeatable tasks. 

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Who could use Lost Ark boosting services?

Anyone who owns a Lost Ark account can receive and benefit from our Lost Ark boosting services. New players may find it especially useful if they want to reach the endgame without any effort or delays. However, those who started exploring this MMORPG a while ago could also find our carries helpful, as they could let them outsource some of the daily grinds or level up alt characters. There is always something to do in this title, but our customers are not obliged to put up with the parts they find tedious or frustrating.

What are the best Lost Ark boosting services for a beginner?

It depends on what this beginner plans to accomplish while playing. However, power leveling services are universally popular, as they let buyers avoid much of the grind while granting them access to most of the content. Gear boosting is also a good place to start, since the majority of the endgame requires powerful gear. Skill Point boosting or farming Towers (which present a reliable source of Skill Point potions) increases the combat power of all characters in an account, so that may be another priority.

How long would it take to reach the maximum level in Lost Ark?

It is estimated that the average player would be able to reach level 50 and the endgame within twenty hours of uninterrupted gameplay. Experienced players can make better time. Our power leveling services should get our players to that milestone in around ten hours. However, the true maximum level is now 60. It is not yet clear how quickly it could be reached due to the steep XP requirements and the sparse XP gains after the conclusion of the main quest. Nonetheless, we stand ready to help our clients advance as efficiently as possible towards that goal and obtain the Skill Point rewards those higher levels provide.

How does the Power Pass work in Lost Ark?

Characters who play through the Ealyn’s Gift questline in the endgame region of North Vern earn a Power Pass for their accounts. This boon can be used in the character selection menu to skip to level 50 with any other character, immediately unlocking all endgame content for them regardless of what level they had before and concluding all the main story quests for them. Upon using a Power Pass, the player will immediately receive a second Power Pass to be applied on a different character. However, there is no way to earn more Power Passes after that, so any remaining characters will need to be advanced through the levels manually by the player or a booster.

Can I play the game on my account when the booster is not using it?

Absolutely. Simply work out a boosting schedule with this consideration in mind and play in between boosting sessions.

Can I control my character during a Lost Ark boost?

Not during a standard, piloted boost, but it is possible to request selfplay boosting. In that case, the client will remain in control of their character and play through the specified content with the help of a boosting team. Depending on the client’s schedule and player skills, this may take considerably longer than piloted boosting. However, it would also enable the customer to improve their skills by playing alongside an experienced group. Some may also prefer the experience of playing the game themselves with dependable teammates, especially in PvP or raids.

How do I get in touch with CakeBoost before or during the boosting process?

CakeBoost’s staff may always be reached by site chat or e-mail. After ordering a boost, clients are asked to choose a messaging program that would be used for further communications about their order, such as Skype, Discord, or Telegram. This dedicated channel may be more convenient to use at that point.

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  • 02 Does my account need to be unlocked?

    Depends on the option of service you choose. If you choose the selfplayed option for order completion then your account shouldn’t be unlocked.

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    We guarantee the security for your personal account information. That means that all information we have from you couldn’t be shared to anybody else except our company. However, once our player is on your account you don’t have the opportunity to play simultaneously, that's why we ask our clients before order start to make a schedule for convenient playing for both sides.


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About Lost Ark Carry Offers

Lost Ark is a South Korean MMORPG that made a real splash with its 2022 launch in Western countries, quickly ascending to be one of the most popular titles on Steam. It owes much of this popularity to a spectacular and dynamic combat system inspired by classic ARPGs. There is a growing roster of classes, each of which has its own distinctive combat style. Other selling points include a diverse, difficult endgame and unique features such as seafaring expeditions or solo boss rushes.

Getting to the high points of this action MMORPG can require a huge amount of grinding. Not all players possess the time or the patience for that. Fortunately, they can turn to Lost Ark boosting services to achieve their goals without having to invest more than they want. CakeBoost’s professional Lost Ark boosters can handle any tedious tasks for our clients, leaving them free to enjoy the game their way and engage with all of its content at their own pace.

What Can I Get With A Lost Ark Boost?

CakeBoost offers a wide range of Lost Ark services that should fulfill all of our clients’ boosting needs:

  • Lost Ark Leveling services. Power leveling services allow a hero of any class to attain the desired character level as swiftly as possible. Other boosting options can cover earning Skill Points and raising Trade Skills;
  • Lost Ark PvE Character boosting. We offer a variety of Lost Ark boosting services to cover various types of PvE content, including farming repeatable daily and weekly quests for their rewards;
  • Lost Ark PvP boosting services. Clients can buy Lost Ark PvP boosting for any mode, helping them climb up the ranked ladder and earn unique rewards;
  • Lost Ark Gold boosting. Gold in this MMORPG is precious and rare compared to some other MMORPGs, but this Lost Ark carry will ensure that the buyer would have enough Gold for all their trading and crafting needs. Boosters will farm the desired amount with utmost speed by using optimal sources and routes;
  • Lost Ark Gear Score boosting. Finding higher-level equipment is important at all stages of the progression, but becomes even more so in the endgame. These Lost Ark boosting services enable buyers to reach their gear goals swiftly and without a long grind;
  • Lost Ark Dungeon boosting. We provide Lost Ark carry services for all dungeons in the game, including standard Abyss dungeons and horde-based Chaos mini-dungeons. Boosters will run them efficiently to collect unique rewards;
  • Lost Ark Raid boosting. Customers can buy boosting services for any Guardian, Legion, or Abyss raid. Boosters will use their knowledge of raid mechanics and layouts to run them optimally,  earning unique resources and other prizes;
  • Lost Ark Tower boosting. We can enable purchasers to progress through the Shadespire or Fatespire Towers - solo boss rush instances that award valuable materials and the potions needed to raise Skills.

Lost Ark is still a new title, especially in the West. The content in its Western release lags behind the Korean version and needs time to catch up. Moreover, its development is still ongoing, with more updates and features on the horizon. As this title continues to expand, CakeBoost will look into implementing additional Lost Ark carry services. The additions will depend on our understanding of client demands and the capabilities of our Lost Ark boosters. In the meantime, customers who fail to locate the boosting service they were hoping to get on this website are invited to ask our support staff for a custom Lost Ark boost.

Regardless of their focus, nearly all Lost Ark boosting services deliver various quantities of the following rewards to customers:

  • XP, which goes towards gaining character levels and therefore unlocking much of the MMORPG’s content;
  • Different types of currency, beginning with Gold (required for trade and crafting), Silver (used to purchase most things in the MMORPG), and Pirate Coins (necessary for seafaring activities);
  • Materials used in crafting and necessary to create new items and upgrade existing gear (alongside other actions). Many locations offer their own materials, as well as crafting recipes;
  • Rapport with various NPCs connected to the boosted content, which can make one eligible to receive assorted valuable prizes;
  • Looted gear with a score determined by the level of content encountered during the Lost Ark carry. High-level gear is required to access many parts of the endgame. Many activities, such as dungeons or raids, offer specific items that cannot be plundered or bought anywhere else.

Why Should You Choose CakeBoost?

Lost Ark offers a lot of content, from the fantastic combat abilities of its classes to the intense dungeons and raids that make up its endgame. Yet to access its full experience, players must spend many hours leveling up characters and farming gear. Those tasks can be very repetitive and frustrating as well as time-consuming. Group content also requires finding reliable teammates, which is a challenge in its own right. That is why Lost Ark boosting services are in high demand. By playing full-time and drawing upon their gaming expertise, paid boosters can achieve their clients’ goals more swiftly and reliably. Meanwhile, those clients are saved from the tedium and can focus on the fun parts.

One can try to buy Lost Ark carries from multiple sources, including independent boosters and fully-fledged boosting websites. However, it is CakeBoost that offers the most dependable and high-quality Lost Ark boosting solution. Our company has an established reputation confirmed by hundreds of positive TrustPilot reviews. Being active since 2015, we have used years of expereince to optimize every part of our boosting offerings, from pricing and support to execution. Now we have brought over and applied our hard-won knowhow to Lost Ark boosting. People who purchase Lost Ark services from us will therefore benefit from the following crucial strengths:

  • Thorough protection. The safety of our customers’ accounts and identities is a top priority for CakeBoost. Each Lost Ark boost is done completely by hand, without relying on cheats, bots or third-party services that might compromise the account or lead to it getting banned. Boosting is kept completely secret, with no mentions in chat or attempts to contact the client’s friends. Buyers only need to provide the minimal information needed for the service to take place. This information is not shared with anyone else. Client anonymity is assured with cutting-edge HTTPS encryption and VPN redirection to a server in the client‘s country;
  • Always-on support. CakeBoost employs a professional support team to help ensure complete customer satisfaction. Clients can call on it at any time and expect a quick response. Support specialists may be contacted over multiple communications channels, including live chat, e-mail, and a chat program chosen while ordering a boost. They can answer questions about an ongoing Lost Ark carry or offer consultations regarding any other boosting service our clients might need. Any issues they cannot address effectively are immediately forward to superiors or boosting specialists;
  • Elite boosting specialists. CakeBoost maintains an extensive roster of qualified and trustworthy Lost Ark boosters, many of whom have played the game for as long as it has been available in their regions. Each employee first undergoes a thorough vetting process that lets us vouch for their professionalism and skill. We also keep in mind their individual specialties and always seek  to assign the most suitable player to each Lost Ark boost. That means both mastery over the required activity, such as PvP or a dungeon, and knowing how to get the most out of the client’s character class. This approach ensures swift, thorough, and problem-free boosting;
  • Reasonable cost. Our pricing policy is to keep boosting services affordable for ordinary gamers while giving adequate compensation to our boosters. That is necessary to sustain our high service quality. The cost of each Lost Ark carry or option reflects the investment of time and effort they involve. Nevertheless, our prices are fully competitive and compare favorably with other boosting services. We also offer frequent special deals and repeat customer discounts that drive the price down further.

How Do Lost Ark Boosting Services Work?

To buy Lost Ark boosting services from CakeBoost, follow these steps:

  • Pick the desired service from the Lost Ark section of out catalog;
  • Check whether the account and character that are to be boosted satisfy the boosting service’s requirements. If not, consider getting a different service first to meet those requirements;
  • Choose the right boosting options, then click the “buy” button;Move on to the buyer’s cart to confirm the order;
  • Decide which messaging program will be used for communications regarding the Lost Ark carry;
  • Send a payment with Stripe, Unitpay, Paymentwall, Coinbase, or Fondy;
  • Once the support team gets in touch, arrange the boosting schedule and inform them of special requests if there are any;
  • Allow CakeBoost’s booster to take over the playe account at the agreed-upon times;
  • Wait until the boost is finished. Follow the progress through regular updates and/or an optional stream (available at no extra charge);
  • Please write a review on TrustPilot about this boosting service. Customer feedback is critical for us to continue improving our Lost Ark boosting offerings.

Buy a Lost Ark Boost Right Now

CakeBoost is always eager to provide its clients with special offers, such as discounts on specific types of Lost Ark carry services. Our policy is to offer such deals based on customer demand and recent releases. For example, we want buyers to be able to use discounted leveling or farming boosts after major updates to swiftly catch up to the updated content at a lowered cost. If it seems suitable, we can also offer Lost Ark carry services for hot new content directly. Check the store often to avoid missing out on the latest Lost Ark boosting bargains!

Another CakeBoost tradition that we are bringing over to Lost Ark boosting is bundle deals. Customers will be able to buy Lost Ark packages that include several Lost Ark services at once. Those packages always cost less than the individual services in question, so customers that want help with several parts of the game at once should consider purchasing them instead of buying boosts separately. We may offer themed bundle deals for instances, character progression, and repeatable PvE content. There could also be opportunities to buy Lost Ark carry bundles for a set number of runs in raids or dungeons.