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Lost Ark PVE Character Boosting

Buy Lost Ark PVE Character Boosting to progress faster. The service is a great solution for accomplishing missions on different levels and providing help with other complex tasks. Hire a team of boosters to accompany you during the game. 

Lost Ark PVE Character Boosting

About Lost Ark Character Boosting Carry Offers

There are many fantastic, powerful characters in the Lost Ark game. Players can decide at the beginning of the game who to choose. The top popular classes here are Mage, Berserker, Gunslinger, and Bard. They have many surprises in their sleeves: different DPS and various skills that allow them to perform close and long-range fightings. PVE is one of the great features of the game that allows users to upgrade characters and advance them to a higher level. Although, if you are a beginner, these tasks may seem daunting. When a lot of fruitless efforts have already been spent, the feeling of irritation builds up faster. If you're tired and don't want to spend a lot of time pve boosting, let CakeBoost's experienced team of professionals help you through the tough challenges.

What Can I Get With Lost Ark Character Carry Services?

By purchasing a boosting service, you get to enjoy other benefits such as:

  • Constantly working support. Operators are always ready to help and give a piece of advice any time it is needed. Customers can reach for help via live chat on the website. Direct them all questions related to the service and receive qualified assistance. 
  • Reasonable ETA. The delivery time can vary depending on the service. However, some products have a planned time for the task accomplishment. If no such parameter is indicated, you are welcome to negotiate the preferred deadlines.
  • Qualified team. We hire the best players with a great background in a gaming experience. For Lost Ark PVE Character Boosting and other services, we work with different professional teams depending on their level of skills, thus, you can be sure they deliver the goals you need.
  • Wide range of services. We created many products for real fans that help you solve issues right in the game. You can purchase a bunch of our services to complete many goals simultaneously.
  • Full data protection. CakeBoost team fulfills all services via VPN technology, and all payment transactions are secured with SSL certification. Our users' data stay absolutely safe from fraud and stealing. The rewards customers previously won are secure on their gamers' accounts.

What Lost Ark Boosting Services we offer? Below are some of them:

  • Lost Ark Gold. Here the team promotes you in the game and gathers more gold coins for various complex tasks. A player can exchange the coins for new gear, weapons, and garments. 
  • Lost Ark Leveling. Power leveling services allow a hero of any class to attain the desired character level as swiftly as possible. Other boosting options can cover earning Skill Points and raising Trade Skills;
  • Lost Ark PvP Boosting Services. Clients can buy Lost Ark PvP boosting for any mode, helping them climb up the ranked ladder and earn unique rewards.

Why Should You Choose Сakeboost?

Many gammers already purchased our services because they know that we have the full set of prooven, great services to offer:

  • Affordable prices. We observe the market regularly and form the prices accordingly. Do not worry if you have an unlisted, new order to make, and we are open to negotiations.
  • Customizable orders. If you do not see a specific boost on our website, then apply to the live chat and explain the details of the mission you need to complete with our assistance. The operator will give you a list of popular services. 
  • 24/7 customer care. Our non-stop support operators provide each customer with reliable information any time of night and day. 
  • Compliance with deadlines. The average time of delivery is about two weeks. However, the ETA here depends on the complexity of the assignment. Discuss the details of your order with support and get boosted as planned.
  • Loyalty program. Create an account or subscribe to our news and updates and receive your first pack of bonuses. Purchase Lost Ark PVE Character Boosting and receive additional cashback for each following order.

Many players already chose us to perform the tricky tasks. They leave their reviews on the Trustpilot page. If you need more information about our reputation, go there and read their notes.

How Does Lost Ark Character Services Work?

To place an order, you have to do several clear actions:

  • Select Lost Ark PVE Character Boosting or any other product and add it to the basket.
  • Proceed to the payment methods. Insert your card data and confirm the transaction. We also accept payments from Skrill, G2G, PayPal, Fondy, UnitPay, and many others. Soon we plan to start working with Visa and Mastercard.
  • Our manager will contact you after the order is paid. Though if you did not indicate any contact information, you could find us on Discord, Skype, and Telegram. 
  • Discuss the details with the manager and wait till we complete your missions.

Before the team carries out the task, you need to decide between two possible options:

  • Shared account;
  • Self-played mode.

If you pick the first one, you would have to provide our professional players with your gamers' accounts. Then, the team logs in and performs the assignment instead of you. However, it is free to watch their play afterward. The second option means that you are still playing the character and our team gives you a little boost for complicated parts. To gain a quick upgrade, we recommend picking the first variant. Try Lost Ark PVE Character Boosting and let skilled layers of the CakeBoost team show you how it can be done.

Buy Lost Ark PVE Character Boosting Right Now

To each user, we have a huge amount of perks to share. Anybody who decides to leave their first order will receive a 10% off the initial price as our warm welcome. You can even receive an additional 10% coupon if you subscribe to our news and updates. Furthermore, we provide customers who created accounts with more unique privileges like participating in our bonus system. Receive:

  • 300 cakeCoins for registration.
  • 5% cash back for each purchase.
  • 10% cashback for a registered friend who paid for the first order about 50 euros.

CakeCoins helps players pay half price for each next purchase. If you are interested in saving more money, better invest them in CakeCoins deals:

  • Bronze package of 10 000 CC
  • Golden pack of 25 000 CC
  • Brilliant package of 50 000 CC 

When buying Lost Ark PVE Character Boosting or other services, use your coins to cover 50% of the offer and enjoy the process. Hire a team of expert gamers, or you can even place an order for the coaching and acquire the needed skills with our valuable help. 

FAQ about Lost Ark Character Boosting Services

How much is a character boost in Lost Ark?

Prices start at $4 and vary depending on the type of boost required.

Can you buy character boosts in Lost Ark?

Certainly! All you need to do is select the type of boost you want, add it to your shopping cart and make a payment. Contact our online support if you have questions regarding the process.

What do I do once I hit 50 Lost Ark?

Now all paths are open to you! You can continue the main questline, explore islands, complete daily quests, and more. If you are having difficulty with any aspect of the game, Cakeboost support is always ready to help!

How Long Is Lost Ark main story?

The complete completion of the main quest line in Lost Ark takes about 40 hours. If you do not have the desire to spend a few days on the passage, we are always there.