Lost Ark Collections Boost

Do you need to collect any items in Lost Ark, like Mokoko seeds, Gaint's hearts and more? Buy Lost Ark Collections boost and you will get what you want without a significant investment of time!


Who could use Lost Ark boosting services?

Anyone who owns a Lost Ark account can receive and benefit from our Lost Ark boosting services. New players may find it especially useful if they want to reach the endgame without any effort or delays. However, those who started exploring this MMORPG a while ago could also find our carries helpful, as they could let them outsource some of the daily grinds or level up alt characters. There is always something to do in this title, but our customers are not obliged to put up with the parts they find tedious or frustrating.

What are the best Lost Ark boosting services for a beginner?

It depends on what this beginner plans to accomplish while playing. However, power leveling services are universally popular, as they let buyers avoid much of the grind while granting them access to most of the content. Gear boosting is also a good place to start, since the majority of the endgame requires powerful gear. Skill Point boosting or farming Towers (which present a reliable source of Skill Point potions) increases the combat power of all characters in an account, so that may be another priority.

How long would it take to reach the maximum level in Lost Ark?

It is estimated that the average player would be able to reach level 50 and the endgame within twenty hours of uninterrupted gameplay. Experienced players can make better time. Our power leveling services should get our players to that milestone in around ten hours. However, the true maximum level is now 60. It is not yet clear how quickly it could be reached due to the steep XP requirements and the sparse XP gains after the conclusion of the main quest. Nonetheless, we stand ready to help our clients advance as efficiently as possible towards that goal and obtain the Skill Point rewards those higher levels provide.

How does the Power Pass work in Lost Ark?

Characters who play through the Ealyn’s Gift questline in the endgame region of North Vern earn a Power Pass for their accounts. This boon can be used in the character selection menu to skip to level 50 with any other character, immediately unlocking all endgame content for them regardless of what level they had before and concluding all the main story quests for them. Upon using a Power Pass, the player will immediately receive a second Power Pass to be applied on a different character. However, there is no way to earn more Power Passes after that, so any remaining characters will need to be advanced through the levels manually by the player or a booster.

Can I play the game on my account when the booster is not using it?

Absolutely. Simply work out a boosting schedule with this consideration in mind and play in between boosting sessions.

Can I control my character during a Lost Ark boost?

Not during a standard, piloted boost, but it is possible to request selfplay boosting. In that case, the client will remain in control of their character and play through the specified content with the help of a boosting team. Depending on the client’s schedule and player skills, this may take considerably longer than piloted boosting. However, it would also enable the customer to improve their skills by playing alongside an experienced group. Some may also prefer the experience of playing the game themselves with dependable teammates, especially in PvP or raids.

How do I get in touch with CakeBoost before or during the boosting process?

CakeBoost’s staff may always be reached by site chat or e-mail. After ordering a boost, clients are asked to choose a messaging program that would be used for further communications about their order, such as Skype, Discord, or Telegram. This dedicated channel may be more convenient to use at that point.

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About Lost Ark Collections Carry Offers

While playing through Lost Ark, players can complete a variety of collections by completing assorted tasks and finding hidden secrets. Rather than being just for show, those collections are a valid part of player progression. Getting to certain progress thresholds in collections unlocks numerous rewards, including cosmetics, resources, power-ups, and other useful items. This mechanic makes thorough exploration necessary to reach the peak of power, but not everyone is willing or able to invest the playtime required to track down hidden collectibles.

CakeBoost’s Lost Ark Collections boost services let buyers obtain the full benefits of collections without unwanted effort. Our boosters know the best routes and methods for the acquisition of any item or the execution of any special task in Lost Ark. Buy a Lost Ark Collections boost, and they will use this knowledge to fulfill any related goal or complete entire collections, quickly, safely, and assuredly.

What Can I Get With A Lost Ark Collections Boost?

The collections that players are invited to put together in Lost Ark are quite diverse in terms of both the tasks involved and their reward mechanics. The most popular examples may be found in our boost catalog:

  • Mokoko Seeds: A currency that may be found throughout the world and traded to a special vendor in exchange for exclusive goods;
  • Island Tokens: Those collectibles are found on all the little islands scattered throughout the gameworld. Once heroes can navigate the ocean, they could acquire the tokens by meeting individual conditions on the islands. Those conditions range from looting a container to finishing a mission. They can be traded in for unique prizes with another vendor;
  • Giant’s Hearts: Rare items that require the completion of difficult tasks, like reaching maximum Rapport with an NPC. Collecting any heart unlocks an additional prize;
  • Adventurer’s Tome: This journal tracks progress with all conceivable tasks in a region, including other collections. Upon reaching certain thresholds, it gives special prizes. 100% completion of a region gives players tokens for another of Lost Ark’s collections.

There are other possible collections in Lost Ark, like ones of Masterpieces or Omnium Stars. If user demand appears to justify it, we will add them to our catalog. In the meantime, clients may arrange custom orders with our staff or using the Hourly Driving boost option. The prizes for all collections are too varied to list here, but they include skill and stat potions, rare upgrade materials, and pieces for other collections, as well as emotes and other cosmetic items. Customers can draw on our services to round out collections with items that eluded them or even get complete collections in one boost. Note that each collection can be finished and rewarded once per roster.

CakeBoost provides many other Lost Ark boost offerings, such as:

Why Should You Choose Сakeboost?

Collections boost services work by having an experienced booster pilot the customer’s character. Since the booster is paid to play, they can focus on collections without any distractions, achieving success much quicker than the customers would have themselves. However, piloting comes with risks for the boosted account. It may get stolen, banned, or otherwise compromised at the hands of dishonest or incompetent boost service providers. Our customers can trust CakeBoost because:

  • We are a known quantity. Our carries and coaching services go back to 2015. Since then, we helped thousands of players in dozens of titles achieve their objectives. The experience we gained over the years allowed us to polish our boost model, affecting everything from communications to delivery. We learned to anticipate and respond to recurring problems, and to execute tasks with maximum efficiency. Customers can confirm our reputation for trustworthiness and competence through Trustpilot;
  • We have the right people for the job. Each member of our Lost Ark collections boost team is a seasoned, professional booster with a clean track record and a distinct Lost Ark specialization. Some collections require tracking down items in out of the way places, while others rely on repetitive farming or taking down bosses. Our deep talent bench allows us to assign each task for the most suitable booster, ensuring quick and smooth success in every case;
  • We make sure to satisfy the individual needs of each client. Each Lost Ark boost service on offer is highly modular. For example, buyers can decide whether they want a specific Island Token they cannot get by themselves or some amount of Island Tokens regardless of the source. We also listen to our customers’ requests when they need something beyond the described services, and try to accommodate them whenever possible. Our team is prepared to help with any of Lost Ark’s many collections in any server region;
  • We do not neglect security. All data on our website is encrypted using up-to-date HTTPS encryption. Customers are required to provide log-in details when ordering the boost, but this information is shared solely with their respective boosters. No third-party services or programs are employed to complete the necessary tasks. Boosters use VPNs to mask their locations and avoid communications with the clients’ friends while boosting to further reduce risks;
  • Our support team is always available. Support specialists can be contacted 24/7 and will respond within minutes. In addition to information regarding their orders, clients can turn to them for in-depth consultations about any of the Lost Ark collections and related CakeBoost services. Prospective customers may reach  our support specialists by live chat or e-mail. Upon placing their orders, they will need to choose a chat program such as Discord. This chat program will then be utilized to send status updates and other urgent messages concerning their boost.

How Do Lost Ark Collections Boosting Services Work?

Anyone interested in buying a Lost Ark Collections boost from CakeBoost should go through those steps:
Choose a service from our Lost Ark Collections boost catalog;

  • Select the appropriate options, such as the desired number of collectibles, then click the “buy” icon to add this boost to the cart;
  • Proceed to the cart to confirm this boost and any other purchased services;
  • Pick a chat program that will be employed for communications and updates concerning this order;
  • Send the payment through any of the platforms listed on the checkout page;
  • Once our staff makes contact, work out a convenient boost schedule and convey any special requests;
  • Let our employee play as your chosen adventurer during the prescheduled intervals;
  • Follow the progress of this boost through status updates and/or optional free streaming;
  • Leave feedback on Trustpilot to assist in our ongoing improvement of CakeBoost’s Lost Ark Collections boost services.

Buy A Lost Ark Collections Boost Right Now

Lost Ark collections are an endless grind. Each major update brings more collectibles and prizes, but keeping pace with those releases may test users’ available playtime to its limit. CakeBoost’s clients can rest assured that they need not miss out on any benefits because they lack the hours or the energy to track down every token. We present quick and reliable services at affordable prices that are lowered further by our numerous special offers. Just by registering here, newcomers get to buy any boost at a significant discount. All services yield CakeCoins, which may be expended on further boost purchases. That means our customers can round out their collections now and stay on top of them later at minimal expense.

FAQ About Lost Ark Collections Boosting

Q: Which of the Lost Ark collections should I try to complete first?

A: Island Tokens collections offer the best balance of difficulty and usefulness in Lost Ark. Some of these collectibles can be found simply by exploring islands, while acquiring others is a more involved process involving combat or quests. Nonetheless, even the latter tasks are quick and easy compared to some of the other Lost Ark collections. Their rewards include skill point potions, which give a significant boost to an adventurer’s power.

Q: Can I purchase items from these collections in-game?

A: No, the only way to complete Lost Ark collections is to meet their conditions by yourself, whether that means tracking down Giant’s Hearts or completing all tasks in an area. The only way around that grind is purchasing a boost to have someone else control your character and achieve this task on your behalf.

Q: Will collections continue to expand with Lost Ark updates?

A: That has been the case so far. As more reigons are unlocked, players get to also add more items to their collections. For example, when South Vern was introduced to the Western iteration of Lost Ark, players working on their Mokoko Seeds collections found they have further collectibles to pursue in the new lands for more rewards. We will assist with such tasks as they come up.

Q: Which of the Lost Ark collections is the hardest to complete?

A: Ignea Tokens are granted for 100% Adventurer’s Tome completion on each continent. That involves taking care of a dizzying variety of tasks, from finishing quests and fighting bosses to gathering other collectibles. This collection gives its owners particularly valuable prizes, but it unquestionably takes longer to complete than all other such pursuits.