Lost Ark Raids Boost

In every game, raids are one of the most difficult types of content. They require not only a good gear score, but also a well-coordinated game of all members of the group. Buy Lost Ark raid boost and forget about a lot of failed attempts. Experienced gamers will help you complete any Lost Ark raid quickly and with maximum efficiency.


Who could use Lost Ark boosting services?

Anyone who owns a Lost Ark account can receive and benefit from our Lost Ark boosting services. New players may find it especially useful if they want to reach the endgame without any effort or delays. However, those who started exploring this MMORPG a while ago could also find our carries helpful, as they could let them outsource some of the daily grinds or level up alt characters. There is always something to do in this title, but our customers are not obliged to put up with the parts they find tedious or frustrating.

What are the best Lost Ark boosting services for a beginner?

It depends on what this beginner plans to accomplish while playing. However, power leveling services are universally popular, as they let buyers avoid much of the grind while granting them access to most of the content. Gear boosting is also a good place to start, since the majority of the endgame requires powerful gear. Skill Point boosting or farming Towers (which present a reliable source of Skill Point potions) increases the combat power of all characters in an account, so that may be another priority.

How long would it take to reach the maximum level in Lost Ark?

It is estimated that the average player would be able to reach level 50 and the endgame within twenty hours of uninterrupted gameplay. Experienced players can make better time. Our power leveling services should get our players to that milestone in around ten hours. However, the true maximum level is now 60. It is not yet clear how quickly it could be reached due to the steep XP requirements and the sparse XP gains after the conclusion of the main quest. Nonetheless, we stand ready to help our clients advance as efficiently as possible towards that goal and obtain the Skill Point rewards those higher levels provide.

How does the Power Pass work in Lost Ark?

Characters who play through the Ealyn’s Gift questline in the endgame region of North Vern earn a Power Pass for their accounts. This boon can be used in the character selection menu to skip to level 50 with any other character, immediately unlocking all endgame content for them regardless of what level they had before and concluding all the main story quests for them. Upon using a Power Pass, the player will immediately receive a second Power Pass to be applied on a different character. However, there is no way to earn more Power Passes after that, so any remaining characters will need to be advanced through the levels manually by the player or a booster.

Can I play the game on my account when the booster is not using it?

Absolutely. Simply work out a boosting schedule with this consideration in mind and play in between boosting sessions.

Can I control my character during a Lost Ark boost?

Not during a standard, piloted boost, but it is possible to request selfplay boosting. In that case, the client will remain in control of their character and play through the specified content with the help of a boosting team. Depending on the client’s schedule and player skills, this may take considerably longer than piloted boosting. However, it would also enable the customer to improve their skills by playing alongside an experienced group. Some may also prefer the experience of playing the game themselves with dependable teammates, especially in PvP or raids.

How do I get in touch with CakeBoost before or during the boosting process?

CakeBoost’s staff may always be reached by site chat or e-mail. After ordering a boost, clients are asked to choose a messaging program that would be used for further communications about their order, such as Skype, Discord, or Telegram. This dedicated channel may be more convenient to use at that point.

Still have questions left? Ask straight and we will reply to you!

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About Lost Ark Raids Carry Offers

Running raids is essential for late-game progress in Lost Ark. The best equipment in the MMORPG cannot be acquired by any other means. Many additional prizes, such as currencies or cards, could be gained from this source as well. However, raids are complex endeavors, consisting of multiple stages and challenging encounters. Tougher variants can be attempted for greater rewards, but their encounters are even less forgiving. Not everyone can afford to invest the playtime and energy needed to run raids repeatedly, but there is no other way to collect the full spoils.

CakeBoost’s Lost Ark Raids Boost services let gamers entrust this task to professional Lost Ark players. Buyers can rest easy while our boost team completes all their raids-related errands on their behalf. Thanks to their knowledge of optimal tactics for each encounter, our boosters can clear any of these raids quickly and assuredly. Clients can then gear up with the resulting loot and enjoy the rest of the MMORPG at their preferred pace.

What Can I Get With A Lost Ark Raids Boost?

As a result of our Lost Ark raids boosting services, customers may receive the following benefits (determined by their target raids and other conditions):

  • Instance-specific tokens that can be redeemed for materials needed to create or improve unique high-value gear;
  • Various other crafting and gear or character upgrade materials;
  • Accessories, Ability Stones, and Engravings that increase character power in different ways;
  • Legendary cards that can improve an entire roster (all adventurers per account per region);
  • Gold, which can be spent immediately on chests containing extra materials or retained for future use in trading with players.

Right now, we offer boost services for the following active raids:

  • Argos, currently the only representative of Abyss Raids in Lost Ark, and an opportunity for gaining Legendary loot and Engravings;
  • Valtan and Vykas Legion Raids, which, between them, allow players to collect complete sets of unmatched Relic equipment;
  • Kakul-Saydon, the newest of the Legion Raids in the Western iteration of Lost Ark and a source of upgrade materials for Relic equipment.

Further raids are developed and then brought over from the original iteration of the MMORPG on a regular basis. When new raids are introduced to the version available to the majority of our buyers and boosters, we will implement formal boost services for them as well. Potential clients are invited to speak with our staff if they have raids boost requests not covered by our catalog and product pages. We will attempt to accommodate all reasonable requests and may arrange custom boost services to help out when it appears feasible. For example, it may be possible to arrange challenge mode Inferno Raids boost services to collect exclusive cosmetics, or to farm instances for specific items.

Despite their name, Guardian Raids are a very different type of instance, focused on tracking down and defeating a single powerful monster before the timer runs out. We do provide boost services for them as well, helping players collect their special spoils. Further popular Lost Ark boost offerings from CakeBoost include:

  • Lost Ark Character Boosting services, which let our customers skip tedious leveling activities and gain the power needed to take on the content they find interesting;
  • Lost Ark Gear Score boosting services that can be used to swiftly meet the Gear Score requirements of raids and to advance through the endgame in general;
  • Lost Ark Chaos Dungeons boosting services aimed at farming basic wave-clearing scenarios to help in early endgame progression;
  • Lost Ark Abyss Dungeons boosting services that resolve more complex instances for a variety of special rewards;
  • Lost Ark PvP boosting services that help clients claim the exclusive prizes from this activity;
  • Lost Ark Gold farming to collect this precious resource, required for player trading, Stronghold development, and other advanced features.

Why Should You Choose Сakeboost?

Lost Ark boost services can be really helpful to players as they progress through the raiding content, allowing them to avoid much frustration on success. However, they are rife with risks due to the numerous scammers and faulty practices among boost service providers. In the worst case scenario, people can lose their MMORPG accounts. We assure our clients that CakeBoost’s Lost Ark boost services are worthy of their trust, thanks to the following key advantages:

  • Long and wide experience. We started delivering carries and coaching services back in 2015. Our supported titles included various ARPGs and MMORPGs. The expertise we acquired helped us establish polished and professional boosting services for Lost Ark shortly after it reached Western markets. By anticipating common issues encountered during boost services for either of those genres, we can prevent them from impacting customer satisfaction. Our long-standing reputation let us earn the consumers’ trust. Prospective customers can verify our claims by perusing the feedback on Trustpilot;
  • Elite boosters. We have assembled an elite Lost Ark boost team. Each booster we employ possesses extensive experience with the title and has passed through a rigorous selection process. Their diverse specializations ensure that we can always find a suitable booster for every objective. As a result, raiding services are entrusted to people who are thoroughly familiar with each encounter and can reliably achieve desired outcomes. We also pay attention to build specialization, assigning appropriate class specialists to pilot the customers’ heroes for smooth and fast boosting;
  • Versatile approach to boosting. We empower each customer to tailor their raid boost according to their individual needs. When ordering a boost, buyers can decide whether some or all phases will be cleared. They can request higher-level modes for greater rewards. By default, all services are done with account-sharing, since a paid professional booster can complete tasks quicker than casual gamers. However, a selfplay boost may also be arranged upon request. Our services are equally available in all Lost Ark regions;
  • Scrupulous security. Customers can rest assured that their boosted accounts and private data are in good hands. When ordering a boost, they only need to share their log-in details with the booster directly involved in their service. We never use extraneous software or services to achieve boost goals. Each boost is kept secret through the deployment of a VPN connecting to a server in the client’s country. Boosters are instructed not to speak with clients’ friends in-game. All details of our transactions are protected by regularly-updated HTTPS encryption;
  • User-friendly customer support. Our support team is always prepared to field customer inquiries. On top of providing information about ongoing orders, support experts can consult clients regarding other Lost Ark raids and related offerings. Prospective customers can contact the support team using our live chat or e-mail. After ordering the boost, related communications will continue on a dedicated channel established in a chat program of the client’s choice, such as Discord.

How Do Lost Ark Raids Boosting Services Work?

Anyone interested in purchasing Lost Ark Raids boost services from CakeBoost should proceed according to these instructions:

  • Pick a boost from our Lost Ark Raids boost service catalog;
  • Ensure that your chosen adventurer meets the Gear Score prerequisites of the intended instance and phases;
  • Pick options such as difficulty and phases, then add the service to your shopping cart by pressing the “buy” button and confirm the order;
  • Choose the chat platform that we will use for boost communications;
  • Pay for this boost using any of our supported payment platforms;
  • Discuss the preferred boost schedule and any special requests with our staff once they make contact;
  • Allow our employee to play as the chosen adventurer during prescheduled intervals;
  • Wait for the boost to be wrapped up. We will provide frequent status updates and free streaming (if requested);
  • Leave feedback on Trustpilot to assist us in developing our Lost Ark Raids boost services further.

Buy A Lost Ark Raids Boost Right Now

More Lost Ark raids will be released in the near future. Those who do not wish to get left behind in the gearing race will want to collect the loot from current endgame raids before then. CakeBoost presents an excellent opportunity to do so, with great speed and at low prices. All clients who have registered on this website are given bonus CakeCoins with each boost service they acquire. By spending this currency on later purchases, savvy customers can save money on further Lost Ark raids boost services, now and in future updates. First-time buyers are invited to register and receive a hefty discount to the price of the first boost we arrange for them. We frequently provide temporary special offers as well.

FAQ About Lost Ark Raids Boosting

Q: Which of the raids is the most recent?

A: More raids get added to Lost Ark on a regular basis. As of this writing, the newest raid is Kakul-Saydon. It offers some of the best rewards in Lost Ark and has the greatest Gear Score requirements. However, running older raids is still recommended, both to collect high-scoring equipment that meets those requirements and to acquire their special loot.

Q: Will there be more Abyss raids?

A: Currently, Argos is the only Abyss raid in Lost Ark. There were more raids of this type before, but they were discontinued. More raids like Argos may be introduced later, or it may be updated to match the Legion format. Either way, we will keep providing boost services for all instances that remain in demand.

Q: How many raids can be completed per week?

A: Each of the existing raids can only be completed once every week. The weekly lockout extends to all different variants of those instances, except for Inferno mode, which can be attacked without such restrictions. That means players can finish Vykas on either Normal or Hardcore only once, but still try to beat Vykas Inferno again and again. When more than three Legion raids are available, players will only be able to clear three individual instances of this kind every week.

Q: Is it possible to complete raids solo?

A: Guardian raids can be done solo, though it requires a great deal of effort while giving fewer rewards due to the scaling system. Abyss raids like Argos or Legion raids like Valtan require an eight-player team.