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Item Level in Lost Ark signifies how powerful a character’s equipment is compared to other items. It is more than just a number, though, as it directly affects what PvE endgame content the character can engage with. Acquiring superior items with a higher Gear Score is a major part of the later game in Lost Ark. Doing so can become a tedious chore, requiring players to keep running the same content to farm gear and upgrade ingredients. Buy Lost Ark Item Level Boost from CakeBoost, and our boosters will reach the desired Gear Score on the boosted character, empowering our clients to take on any Lost Ark endgame activity they want.


  • Desired Item Level gear for your character;
  • All other loot received during the boost


  • variable, depends on the selected item level


  • 50 level
  • Acc-sharing

Lost Ark Item Level Boost Carry Service: How It Works?

To get a boost that raises Gear Score in Lost Ark from CakeBoost, proceed according to those guidelines:

  • Determine the character that will benefit from the Lost Ark Gear Score boost and check whether they meet the boost requirements;
  • Set the starting Item Level and the target Gear Score and select any other wanted options, then buy the boost;
  • Confirm the Lost Ark Gear Score boost purchase in the buyer’s cart;
  • Choose a messaging platform from the list to be used for communications and updates about the boost;
  • Send the payment for the boost using Stripe, Unitpay, Paymentwall, Coinbase, or Fondy;
  • Work out the boosting schedule and additional requests with the support staff once they get in touch;
  • At the prearranged hour, allow the booster to take over the account;
  • Wait until the boost concludes. There will be regular updates. Streaming is available at no extra charge;
  • Write a TrustPilot review about the outcome of this Lost Ark Item Level boost. We rely on feedback for continued refinements to our Lost Ark carry solutions.

Why Shoud You Buy A Lost Ark Gear Score Boost From Us?

Equipment matters in Lost Ark. It determines a character’s offensive and defensive capabilities and provides powerful stat bonuses and other effects. Updating the hero’s arsenal with superior weapons and armor is an important part of character progression at all points in the MMORPG. However, it becomes downright crucial after reaching Combat Level 50 and the Lost Ark endgame. After that point, leveling up becomes secondary, while gearing becomes essential to progress. Access to many types of content, including dungeons, raids, and Towers, is determined by Gear Score. While Item Level has no other direct mechanical effects, it also corresponds to high equipment stats.

There are two methods available for raising one’s Gear Score in Lost Ark. The first is acquiring higher-score items from exploration, quests, and activities. Before the endgame, questing should suffice for finding better gear, although it may still take a while. Afterwards, players would have to focus on harvesting loot from Chaos Dungeons and Guardian Raids. The second method involves upgrading items to raise their Item Level. It requires farming the aforementioned instances, Islands, and other repeatable Lost Ark activities for various materials, which change as Gear Score reaches higher tiers. This approach gets more effective later, but it requires luck, as crafting is not guaranteed to succeed.

Whichever method is used, grinding for items is an incredibly tedious, grueling, and time-consuming task. There are optimal methods for raising one’s Gear Score more speedily, of course, but they require careful planning and do not abolish the grind. Thankfully, players who lack the playtime or enthusiasm for grinding can simply use a boost to shift this burden to someone else. Dedicated boost providers can farm all Lost Ark content and activities without distractions to raise Item Level much more swiftly than their clients could hope to otherwise. Their knowledge of ideal farming sources, sequences, and routes for every gearing phase makes their progress more efficient and faster still.

Players seeking to access Lost Ark’s endgame content quicker and without any grinding can obviously benefit from Gear Score boosting. However, it requires them to permit boosters to access their accounts so they could control adventurers along efficient gearing routes. Unfortunately, not all providers of Lost Ark boost services online inspire sufficient trust for such arrangements. Some are outright scams, while others cannot deliver a quality service or keep their customers’ data safe. Lost Ark fans looking for a Item Level boost service they can trust should look no further than CakeBoost’s proposal. We possess several advantages that let us stand out in the crowd:

  • Our company started operations in 2015. Since then, we have delivered thousands of successful boost services in over a dozen titles. Potential buyers can trust our reputation and the testimonies of our happy customers on TrustPilot. Moreover, we benefit from a long experience of boosting in diverse MMORPGs. Every part of our boosting process has been tested and polished, from the initial point of contact with clients to the final boost delivery. Our Lost Ark Gear Score carry service operates very smoothly as a result, avoiding many of the problems that plague the industry;
  • We have a thorough and systematic approach to security. Each Lost Ark Item Level boost is carried out in great secrecy. Clients are not required to volunteer any information except for their account details, which are shared solely with their respective boosters. No cheats, hacks, bots, or third parties are involved in our carries, which are done manually by the boost team. We use VPNs set to client locations to disguise the boost further. There is no chatting during the boost. Client data and identities are safeguarded using regularly-updated HTTPS encryption;
  • Our customer service team is always ready to assist clients with any questions or problems they may have. Support specialists can consult customers regarding planned or ongoing Lost Ark Gear Score boost services. They can also suggest additional services or boost options from our Lost Ark catalog. If there are any issues they cannot address, they will immediately pass them on to management or boosters. Clients can communicate with the staff by e-mail, live chat, or a messaging service of their choice selected during boost arrangements;
  • We endeavor to be as flexible as possible to ensure maximum client satisfaction and convenience. Our carry proposals are valid in all Lost Ark servers and regions. We accept payment in US dollars and Euros, and support multiple payment platforms. In accordance with this philosophy, our Lost Ark Item Level boost services are fully modular, allowing clients to decide what exact Gear Score they want to get. Whenever it is feasible, we also attempt to fulfill extra requests from our clients as part of the boost. Acquiring specific items or relying on certain sources may require an additional fee if it makes the boost harder to complete;
  • CakeBoost’s Lost Ark boost team is large, varied, and completely trustworthy. Candidates undergo extensive background checks and tests before becoming our employees. All boosters specialize in different parts of Lost Ark gameplay, and we use this specialization to our customers’ advantage. The players we assign to Lost Ark Gear Score carries are gearing boost experts with intimate knowledge and mastery of all relevant sources and tricks. We also attempt to find boosters who are particularly adept at the specific classes of our clients. Thanks to specialization, we can reliably deliver maximally quick and trouble-free boost services;
  • The prices of our Lost Ark boost services are reasonable and competitive. They are determined primarily by their difficulty and duration, since we need to properly compensate our boost team to maintain high service quality. We are always searching for more optimal means of completing services, and would lower the cost if they were found. Our clients can rest assured that they will get their money’s worth with Lost Ark Item Level boosts. In the end, our prices are relatively low compared to most of our competitors, and they can be lowered further by frequent special deals and bonuses provided to registered customers.

What You Will Get?

Players who buy the Lost Ark Gear Score boost from CakeBoost will be freed from having to grind for gear themselves. Appropriately qualified members of our Lost Ark boost team shall temporarily assume control over their characters and play until they reach the requested Item Level. They will use the most efficient methods available to achieve that goal, which would naturally vary depending on the adventurer’s current and intended Gear Score. That can include both farming new items from various sources and acquiring ingredients for upgrades that raise the Item Level of existing equipment. Either way, the characters will have a full set of gear with the desired score by the end of the boost.

The main reason to get a Gear Score boost is gaining access to various Lost Ark endgame activities. Depending on the score obtained, purchasers could unlock some of the following:

  • Floors in the Shadespire and Fatespire Towers: solo challenges that offer hero power-ups on first clear per roster and materials for raising Item Level later;
  • Abyss and Chaos Dungeons: smaller instances that may be cleared repeatedly for materials, currency, and power-ups;
  • Abyss and Guardian Raids: tougher instances that yield superior equipment, ingredients, and currencies;
  • Tiers in The Cube: a shifting roguelike dungeon with random prizes.

Since a higher Gear Score correlates with superior equipment stats, this boost will also make the clients’ characters more powerful. They would be strengthened by higher combat stats, bonus effects, and special abilities. That goes for upgraded equipment as well, as its other stats are affected together with the Item Level. Properly equipped heroes will be better-able to take on both the freshly unlocked activities and other Lost Ark content. Additional advantages are likely to be secured during the boost too. They may include unused materials, assorted currencies, NPC Rapport, and XP, along with any other prizes given for the activities and quests used for this carry.

CakeBoost delivers a selection of further Lost Ark Boosting Services. Clients can use Lost Ark Leveling carries to swiftly power up their heroes and reach the Lost Ark endgame without unnecessary hassle. Lost Ark PvE Character Boosting Services assist players in taking advantage of all PvE activities, including the ones unlocked after the Gear Score boost. Those interested in competing against their fellow humans can use Lost Ark PvP Boosting Services to climb up the ranked ladder and find better challenges.

Item Level in Lost Ark signifies how powerful a character’s equipment is compared to other items. It is more than just a number, though, as it directly affects what PvE endgame content the character can engage with. Acquiring superior items with a higher Gear Score is a major part of the later game in Lost Ark. Doing so can become a tedious chore, requiring players to keep running the same content to farm gear and upgrade ingredients. Buy Lost Ark Item Level Boost from CakeBoost, and our boosters will reach the desired Gear Score on the boosted character, empowering our clients to take on any Lost Ark endgame activity they want.

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