Lost Ark Guardian Raids Boost

Guardian Raids count among the most significant activities in Lost Ark. Those instances may be accessed by heroes that have attained level 50 and meet the instance Gear Score requirements. All Guardian Raids involve one to four heroes tracking down and trying to vanquish a gigantic monster boss. Those who succeed can earn great rewards including Accessories and item upgrading ingredients. However, defeating those challenging foes is never a sure thing, as they wield uncanny powers and must be taken down quickly. Buy Lost Ark Guardian Raids from CakeBoost to guarantee a swift victory over those monsters. Our boosters will take down any Guardian, letting our client collect the spoils.


  • Selected Guardian Raid Run;
  • Chance to get Guardian Card and Rune;
  • Chance to geat unique gear;
  • All loot and recources received during the boost.


  • 1-2 days


  • 50 level
  • Acc-sharing
  • Selected guardian raid unlocked
  • Required item level for the selected guardian

Lost Ark Guardian Raids Carry Service: How It Works?

People intending to get a boost that deals with Lost Ark Guardian Raids from CakeBoost ought to follow those instructions:

  • See whether the character that will benefit from the Lost Ark Guardian Raids boost meets their preconditions, as well as those of the target Guardian;
  • Select the wanted Guardian Raids and other intended boost options, then click on the “buy” icon;
  • Confirm the order in the buyer’s cart;
  • Choose the chat program that will be used for communications and updates during the Lost Ark Guardian Raids service;
  • Send the payment through Stripe, Unitpay, Paymentwall, Coinbase, or Fondy;
  • Once the support team makes contact, discuss the schedule and any further details like requested extra objectives;
  • Unless a selfplay service was arranged, allow the booster to enter the Lost Ark account at the previously discussed hour;
  • Wait until all runs are finished. Optionally, follow their progress using streaming, which is available at no additional charge;
  • Don’t forget to write a TrustPilot review about this boosting experience! Client feedback is vital for further improvements to our Lost Ark services.

Why Should You Buy Lost Ark Guardian Raids From Us?

Guardian Raids are important for several reasons. They are an outstanding part of Lost Ark content that seems to be inspired by the likes of Monster Hunter. Each Guardian is a singular massive threat that must be tracked down and crushed before the clock runs out. Unlike other Lost Ark raids (such as the new Abyss Raids), those adventures may be cleared to collect maximum rewards two times before the daily reset and do not take very long if everything goes right. They have their own progression lasting for much of the endgame. Last but not least, those instances are an excellent source of secondary gear and crafting ingredients that enable progress throughout the advanced segments of Lost Ark content.

Prevailing in those hunts is not a simple task, though. While the raids may be done solo, this approach is not recommended for any but the most capable players or overwhelmingly powerful characters. A team of up to four adventurers could take on Guardian Raids instead, but they would require skill and coordination to succeed. Searching for the monster can cost valuable minutes. Every Guardian has special powers, some of which are unlike any other enemy abilities found in the game. Mistakes can prove deadly, and although Guardian Raids have a resurrection feature, it could only be used thrice per instance by any party member. Multiple attempts may be necessary to succeed.

Lost Ark characters are liable to keep running the same Guardian Raids many times, both because of how hard they are and due to tempting rewards. Whether one is good at this content or not, it seems bound to become repetitive and frustrating. Thankfully, players who are starting to get tired of those instances can always use a boost to let professionals handle them instead. Experienced boosters have the knowledge and trained talents necessary to find and defeat each Guardian with maximum speed. They would avoid the delays and errors that drag down more casual players. Experts who do nothing but play the game persistently can farm Guardian Raids for resources or advance through their tiers with uttermost efficiency.

To be worthwhile, Lost Ark Guardian Raids carry services must be done by truly professional and dependable boosters. That is especially the case since piloted boosts, the standard and most efficient method of farming Guardian Raids, involve granting boosters access to customers’ Lost Ark accounts. Understandably, many players have trouble trusting strangers and unfamiliar websites that purport to offer boost services with something so precious. The Lost Ark boosting market has many problems, from flawed security to outright scams. Here at CakeBoost, we can offer a superior Lost Ark Guardian Raids service thanks to the following advantages:

  • Long experience and an established reputation. Our company began offering carry services in several multiplayer titles back in 2015. Since then, we have expanded our business to newer titles, with Lost Ark standing proudly among the latest additions. By tapping into our accumulated experience, we figured out how to streamline and optimize every side of our boosting process. Therefore, our Lost Ark Guardian Raids offerings are more polished than those of most competitors. Would-be buyers can trust our track record and the testimonies of earlier clients on TrustPilot;
  • Thorough security. When ordering a piloted Lost Ark Guardian Raids carry service, the buyer would solely have to provide the log-in details for their Lost Ark account. Only the employee working on their order would ever see the details. The booster will conceal their involvement by using a VPN and avoiding mentions of boosting or personal conversations in chat. All boosts are done manually and without relying on third-party services or software that carry the risk of account bans or data theft. Customer identities and data are secured further by means of modern HTTPS encryption;
  • Always-on customer service. Our support team is available 24/7 and prepared to answer all relevant questions quickly. It may be contacted over email, the website chat, or through a dedicated channel set up on the messaging platform chosen by the client while ordering the boost. Customers can ask questions about their planned or ongoing Lost Ark Guardian Raids service. Additionally, people can request a free consultation regarding further Lost Ark services. Any issues that cannot be addressed effectively by the support team are immediately forwarded to others in the company who can help;
  • Flexible execution and terms. CakeBoost grants its customers plenty of freedom in arranging their Lost Ark Guardian Raids carry service. They can choose any one or several Guardian Raids to be completed by our team. Players who do not want a piloted boost can request the selfplay option, in which they remain in control over their accounts and clear Guardian Raids alongside our professional team. Our boosters attempt to accommodate any other reasonable special requests as well. We work in all Lost Ark server regions and accept payments in US dollars or Euros, sent over several trusted platforms;
  • An ideally suited boost team. We select boosters for the Lost Ark boosting team through a rigorous testing process, seeking to make sure that everyone is both capable and professional. By now, we have assembled a substantial collection of gaming talents. Thanks to its variety and size, we can assign boosters to orders on the basis of specialization. Our carries for Guardian Raids are handled by players who have mastered instanced environmental content. They know those fights perfectly, and therefore may finish them swiftly and without any problems, whether in piloted or in selfplay mode;
  • Fair prices. CakeBoost’s pricing policy maintains a balance between keeping our services affordable for the average Lost Ark player and delivering fair compensation to boosters. The latter is necessary to maintain our standard of excellent execution. The cost of boosts for Lost Ark Guardian Raids is determined by their difficulty and the necessary time investment on the boosters’ part. The same goes for any additional requests. In the meantime, our prices remain 100% competitive and are reduced still more by frequent discounts and returning buyer bonuses.

What You Will Get?

Users of this boosting service may request the clearing of whichever Lost Ark Guardian Raids are requested. In the default, piloted version of this boost, CakeBoost’s employees would take over their accounts and clear all requested instances, speedily and assuredly. Under selfplay terms, the CakeBoost team will provide the client with skillful back-up in the specified Guardian Raids. Note that all Guardian Raids show Gear Score prerequisites ranging from from 302 to 1385 and are divided into tiers. All of a tier’s raids must be completed before the following ones may be accessed. Naturally, higher-level raids are both more expensive and more lucrative, and reaching them is another benefit of this boost.

Depending on the specific Guardian and its tier, victorious hunters can claim the following types of semi-random loot:

  • High-rarity Accessories for different slots, providing stat bonuses to wearers. They will also possess random Engravings that grant more narrowly-focused bonuses to characteristics like damage under specific conditions;
  • Large quantities of assorted materials that can be used to upgrade equipment, enabling wielders to access higher-level endgame content;
  • Ability Stones that buff Vitality, and which could also bear Engravings;
  • Runes that buff Skills directly or attach special effects to them;
  • Cards that offer bonuses to all characters belonging to one player on the same server;
  • Recipes needed to create more Engravings.

Under normal conditions, the full prize of any among these instances could be claimed twice in a day. Further clears would yield considerably reduced loot. There is a catch-up mechanic that lets players claim extra loot if they have not completed any Guardian Raids in the previous days. Our clients do not have to worry about farming those raids optimally. Instead, we will do everything necessary to collect the maximum rewards for them. If the customer wants, we could run multiple instances or do several runs to assemble the greatest selection of spoils.

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Guardian Raids count among the most significant activities in Lost Ark. Those instances may be accessed by heroes that have attained level 50 and meet the instance Gear Score requirements. All Guardian Raids involve one to four heroes tracking down and trying to vanquish a gigantic monster boss. Those who succeed can earn great rewards including Accessories and item upgrading ingredients. However, defeating those challenging foes is never a sure thing, as they wield uncanny powers and must be taken down quickly. Buy Lost Ark Guardian Raids from CakeBoost to guarantee a swift victory over those monsters. Our boosters will take down any Guardian, letting our client collect the spoils.

Lost Ark Guardian Raids Boost
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