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Lost Ark Abyss Dungeon Carry

Tier 1 Dungeons
0 options selected
Necromancer's Origin
Demon Beast Canyon
Hall of the Twisted Warlord
Hildebrandt Palace
Tier 2 Dungeons
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Road of Lament
Forge of Fallen Pride
Tranquil Karkosa
Sea of Indolence
Alaric's Sanctuary
Tier 3 Dungeons
0 options selected
Aira's Oculus
Oreha Preveza
Oreha Preveza Hard Mode
Aira's Oculus Hard Mode
Rewards and description

Buy Lost Ark Abyss Dungeon Carry

Abyss Dungeons are massive dungeons in Lost Ark where you need to team up with other players to defeat many strong bosses. Abyss Dungeons are different from all the end-game activities you might have encountered up until the exact moment. It is a team task, so it is impossible to carry out the missions solo. You also get to pick the difficulty level of the run. You get there and have to wait until the other three players are ready to perform the assignments with you. Your gear should be at a certain level to access the first location. Another interesting fact here is that the dungeons have limited options for the equipment and clothing items you may put on. Be prepared beforehand, or you will increase your chances of losing. Here you need to accomplish several tiers by killing new bosses, following some mechanics so the performance would be beneficial to all the participating players, and you get your rewards. Since Abyss dungeons are weekly activities, you can efficiently perform them once a week. If you wish to do more, you can switch to another location if you have already opened it and have not fulfilled all the tasks.  

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  • 1 day

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