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Lost Ark PvE content offers several ways to get new gear and gain other achievements via various activities. Chaos Dungeons are a great challenge with several tiers and locations to offer. There you can fulfill extra tasks, finish some bosses, hunt enemies, earn more gold, and grab rewards that promise you enhancements of weapons and gear. The game lets you go to the first location at the 50th level and with the exact number of points. Look at the map after you completed the last assignment. You start from a lower level, and gradually move higher, earning more points. To acquire the right amount you have to follow the general quest, and only when it is covered go to the dungeons. Gather a group or perform solo in this location. 

Though not every player would complete so many missions in a blink of an eye to get the level they want, even with other players it could be a matter of time. If you are not a fan of long, tiresome missions, here comes the solution, buy Lost Ark Chaos Dungeons boost. A group of experienced gamers will help you to skip all difficult quests hidden there and pick achievements along the way to enhance your armor and reputation. You can pick how many runs we help you with to fulfill the set aims, so CakeBoost can find suitable players. CakeBoost works only with real experts of the field and guarantees you full safety. 


  • Selected number of chaos dungeons completed
  • Chance to get unique resources


  • 1 day

Lost Ark Chaos Dungeons Carry Service: How does it work?

It is simple to get a boost. Fulfill the steps, like:

  • Look for the boost you find relevant, and add it to the cart.
  • Confirm the transaction and wait till our manager will contact you to discuss the details of the mission. We accept euros and US dollars. The payments can be made via PayPal, G2G, and other popular services.
  • We choose a team of qualified players that suits your needs.

Seek us on Discord or Skype in case you left no specific information about where to find you. After our team cleared all the necessary details of the order, you can enjoy our performance. There are two variants of how we handle the order:

  • Piloted option.
  • Self-played option.

The gamers will carry out the missions and give you a free opportunity to watch their play if you choose a piloted option. If you pick a self-played variant, then you get to play the dungeons yourself with tips and help for the most tricky spots. Though it will extend the ETA. In the first variant, you need to open access to your account to the players, who will authorize and play for your character. The second one implies that you will continue playing, though the team will help you overcome complex places.

Why Should You Buy Lost Ark Chaos Dungeons from us?

CakeBoost provides carry services for over 5 years and collected a significant amount of customer reviews, which are available on Trustpilot, that proves our professional approach and how we care for each of the users. We also have to offer other beneficial perks like:

  • Total security. We use safe connections via VPN and updated Certificates to ensure that your data will not be stolen or transferred to anyone. Our team fulfills the order without endangering your gamer's account information. All the earlier trophies and achievements you obtained stay untouched. During the time we carry your order, all your trophies are protected.
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  • Great quality. We offer only well-qualified players for the boosting, so we can complete the mission as planned, according to our ETA. 
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Customization. If there are no suitable offers on the website you would like us to help with, write to our operators, and we will create a special order. 
Refunds. If you choose not to use the service, it is possible to get a refund. Apply to our managers, and they will make a transfer back.

What You Will Get?

By ordering new Lost Ark Chaos Dungeons boost, you obtain:

  • Completion of any dungeons of your choice.
  • Reliable support during the process.
  • New rewards, like gear and extra points, gold, and other stuff. All the gained loot will stay with you after the team accomplished the mission.
  • Reasonable price. The cost of the service is adjustable and varies according to the level you need to achieve and the amount of tries you spend in the location to gather enough achievements for an armor upgrade.
  • Various discounts for the service.
  • Safe information sharing. All the data we receive from you will be secured. We do not use any bots, so after we complete the order, we just leave the account with new trophies. 

You can subscribe and receive your 10% coupon off for the purchase. We keep our customers updated via emailing all fresh news about new releases, upcoming sales and new special offers. Use a boost With the professional players who gladly help defeat the bosses and increase the character’s skills and as a continuation of it you will be able to exchange the earned coins for more upgraded gear and weapons.